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In which Scrabble dictionary does RISE exist?

Scrabble (US/Canada)
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Official Scrabble (OSPD4)
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Official Scrabble (OSPD5)
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Scrabble (UK)
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Lexulous (US)
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Definitions of RISE in dictionaries:

    • noun - a growth in strength or number or importance
    • noun - the act of changing location in an upward direction
    • noun - an upward slope or grade (as in a road)
    • noun - a movement upward
    • noun - the amount a salary is increased
    • noun - the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises
    • noun - a wave that lifts the surface of the water or ground
    • noun - (theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
    • noun - an increase in cost
    • noun - increase in price or value
    • verb - move upward
    • verb - increase in value or to a higher point
    • verb - rise to one's feet
    • verb - rise up
    • verb - come to the surface
    • verb - come into existence
    • verb - move to a better position in life or to a better job
    • verb - go up or advance
    • verb - become more extreme
    • verb - get up and out of bed
    • verb - rise in rank or status
    • verb - become heartened or elated
    • verb - exert oneself to meet a challenge
    • verb - take part in a rebellion
    • verb - increase in volume
    • verb - come up, of celestial bodies
    • verb - return from the dead
    • To assume a standing position after lying, sitting, or kneeling.
    • To get out of bed: rose at dawn.
    • To move from a lower to a higher position; ascend: Hot air rises.
    • To increase in size, volume, or level: The river rises every spring.
    • To increase in number, amount, or value: Prices are rising.
    • To increase in intensity, force, or speed: The wind has risen.
    • To increase in pitch or volume: The sound of their voices rose and fell.
    • To appear above the horizon: The sun rises later in the fall.
    • To extend upward; be prominent: The tower rose above the hill.
    • To slant or slope upward: Mount McKinley rises to 6,197.
    • To come into existence; originate.
    • To be erected: New buildings are rising in the city.
    • To appear at the surface of the water or the earth; emerge.
    • To puff up or become larger; swell up: The bread dough should rise to double its original size.
    • To become stiff and erect.
    • To attain a higher status: an officer who rose through the ranks.
    • To become apparent to the mind or senses: Old fears rose to haunt me.
    • To uplift oneself to meet a demand or challenge: She rose to the occasion and won the election.
    • To return to life.
    • To rebel: “the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government” (Abraham Lincoln).
    • To close a session of an official assembly; adjourn.
    • To cause to rise.
    • To cause (a distant object at sea) to become visible above the horizon by advancing closer.
    • The act of rising; ascent.
    • The degree of elevation or ascent.
    • The appearance of the sun or other celestial body above the horizon.
    • An increase in height, as of the level of water.
    • A gently sloped hill.
    • A long, broad elevation that slopes gently from the earth’s surface or the ocean floor.
    • An origin, a beginning, or a source: the rise of a river.
    • Occasion or opportunity: facts that give rise to doubts about her motives.
    • The emergence of a fish seeking food or bait at the water’s surface.
    • An increase in price, worth, quantity, or degree.
    • An increase in intensity, volume, or pitch.
    • Elevation in status, prosperity, or importance: the family’s rise in New York society.
    • The height of a flight of stairs or of a single riser.
    • An increase in salary or wages; a raise.
    • An angry or irritated reaction: finally got a rise out of her.
    • verb - to move upward


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There are 4 letters in RISE: E I R S

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