If you want to win more than a single game of Scrabble with skill rather than luck, now is the time to start studying Scrabble Word Lists to master every game you play. Learning new words and remembering these words are all part of improving your vocabulary skills to become a seasoned player. In order to expand and improve your lexicon, begin memorizing Anagrammer's Scrabble Word Lists. Even if you learn one new word a day or numerous words per week, you will begin seeing a difference immediately after seeing your Scrabble scores increase well beyond the scores of your competitors. Experienced players know words that others never even knew existed. This is how studying Scrabble Word Lists differentiates advanced players from beginners.

For example, it is especially important to learn the two and three-letter words. When you familiarize yourself with the two-letter words, creating word hooks during Scrabble game play will help you maximize your points during every game. It will be easier for you to maneuver your way around all the nooks and crannies of the board by squeezing in these shorter words in tighter spaces to help you place your other higher scoring word on the board. You will less likely feel discouraged when you have tile letters such as the J, Q, X, and Z once you have memorized the Scrabble Word Lists that particularly focus on these specific letters.

Studying Scrabble Word Lists does not just mean to simply memorize a word at face value. To grow your vocabulary exponentially, it is important to make a valid effort to understand the meaning of each word, including its definition, prefixes and suffixes. Try to utilize the new words that you have learned on a day to day basis by incorporating them when you communicate with others, either verbally or through writing. Studying unknown words and understanding their definition is great, however, when you use these words verbally or in writing, you will be enforcing a habit of recalling these words at the right time, especially during competitive gameplay. This process of understanding the etymology of a word and grasping its meaning on a much deeper level will help you remember the word during a Scrabble game. As you continually study Scrabble Word Lists, your memory will easily recall these words when you see the letters displayed on your rack and you will be able to choose words with greater precision. You will see better results with your Scrabble scores with a better vocabulary.