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Scrabble (US/Canada)
(7 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD4)
(7 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD5)
(7 pts)
(8 pts)
(5 pts)
Scrabble (UK)
(7 pts)
Lexulous (US)
(7 pts)

Definitions of SCALE in various dictionaries:

    • noun - an ordered reference standard
    • noun - relative magnitude
    • noun - the ratio between the size of something and a representation of it
    • noun - a specialized leaf or bract that protects a bud or catkin
    • noun - a thin flake of dead epidermis shed from the surface of the skin
    • noun - (music) a series of notes differing in pitch according to a specific scheme (usually within an octave)
    • noun - a measuring instrument for weighing
    • noun - an indicator having a graduated sequence of marks
    • noun - a metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners)
    • noun - a flattened rigid plate forming part of the body covering of many animals
    • verb - measure by or as if by a scale
    • verb - pattern, make, regulate, set, measure, or estimate according to some rate or standard
    • verb - take by attacking with scaling ladders
    • verb - reach the highest point of
    • verb - climb up by means of a ladder
    • verb - remove the scales from
    • verb - measure with or as if with scales
    • verb - size or measure according to a scale
    • One of the many small, platelike dermal or epidermal structures that characteristically form the external covering of fishes, reptiles, and certain mammals.
    • A similar part, such as one of the minute structures overlapping to form the covering on the wings of butterflies and moths.
    • Pathology.
    • A small, thin piece.
    • A small, thin, usually dry, often appressed plant structure, such as any of the protective leaves that cover a tree bud or the bract that subtends a flower in a sedge spikelet.
    • A scale insect.
    • A plant disease or infestation caused by scale insects.
    • A flaky oxide film formed on a metal, as on iron, that has been heated to high temperatures.
    • A flake of rust.
    • A hard mineral coating that forms on the inside surface of boilers, kettles, and other containers in which water is repeatedly heated.
    • To clear or strip of scale or scales: Scale and clean the fish.
    • To remove in layers or scales: scaled off the old paint.
    • To cover with scales; encrust.
    • To throw (a thin, flat object) so that it soars through the air or skips along the surface of water.
    • To remove (tartar) from tooth surfaces with a pointed instrument.
    • Australian.
    • To cheat; swindle.
    • To ride on (a tram or train, for example) without paying the fare.
    • To come off in scales or layers; flake.
    • To become encrusted.
    • A system of ordered marks at fixed intervals used as a reference standard in measurement: a ruler with scales in inches and centimeters.
    • An instrument or device bearing such marks.
    • A standard of measurement or judgment; a criterion.
    • A proportion used in determining the dimensional relationship of a representation to that which it represents: a world map with a scale of 1:4,560,000.
    • A calibrated line, as on a map or an architectural plan, indicating such a proportion.
    • Proper proportion: a house that seemed out of scale with its surroundings.
    • A progressive classification, as of size, amount, importance, or rank: judging divers’ performances on a scale of 1 to 10; a family that ranks high on the social scale.
    • A relative level or degree: entertained on a lavish scale.
    • A minimum wage fixed by contract: musicians playing a benefit concert for scale.
    • A system of notation in which the values of numerical expressions are determined by their places relative to the chosen base of the system: the decimal scale.
    • An ascending or descending series of tones proceeding by a specified scheme of intervals and varying in pitch arrangement and interval size.
    • To climb up or over; ascend: scaled the peak.
    • To make in accord with a particular proportion or scale: Scale the model to be one tenth of actual size.
    • To alter according to a standard or by degrees; adjust in calculated amounts: scaled down their demands to fit reality; scaled back the scheduled pay increase.
    • To estimate or measure the quantity of lumber in (logs or uncut trees).
    • To climb; ascend.
    • To rise in steps or stages.
    • An instrument or a machine for weighing.
    • To weigh with scales.
    • verb - to climb up or over


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