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Anagrammer has put together these special Scrabble word lists to help you improve your game vocabulary. In addition to Scrabble, most of these words are also valid words to be used in Words With Friends, Word Chums, Lexulous, Word Brain, Wordsearch, and almost every other popular word game. Explore, learn and enjoy!

If you want to win more than a single game of Scrabble with skill rather than luck, now is the time to start studying Scrabble Word Lists to master every game you play. Preparation has a lot to do with sharpening your Scrabble skills and having an arsenal of essential words will get you far in the world of word games. One of the key components of winning Scrabble and most all other word games is memorization. Memorizing word lists has become imperative and knowing them by heart will give you a definite edge over your opponent. Out of all the word lists, the two-letter word list is widely acknowledged by Scrabble players, including Scrabble Tournament players, as the word list to become most familiar with than any other, especially when you are first starting out and only scratching the Scrabble surface when it comes to building your vocabulary. Yes, it is that crucial. And, you will get the most bang for your buck memorizing this particular word list, or in this case, the most points for your words.

Learning new words and remembering these words are all part of improving your vocabulary skills to become a seasoned player. In order to expand and improve your lexicon, begin memorizing Anagrammer's Scrabble Word Lists. Even if you learn one new word a day or numerous words per week, you will begin seeing a difference immediately after seeing your Scrabble scores increase well beyond the scores of your competitors. Experienced players know words that others never even knew existed. This is how studying Scrabble Word Lists differentiates advanced players from beginners. Reviewing word lists over and over again is important to ingrain new words into your brain so that you can play more efficiently.
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