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Hangman is a popular word puzzle game that everyone grew up playing simply with a pencil, a piece of paper, and some ingenuity with creating words your opponent would have a difficult time solving the answer to in the appropriate time. It is the classic game of guessing a word your opponent has created before your fate gets drawn out in a diagram of the hanged man stick figure. Many people still play Hangman today and if you find yourself 'hanging by a thread' and need help solving the word puzzle, Anagrammer's Hangman Solver will quickly find the answers for you.

If you play Hanging With Friends on your iphone or android phone you may also be interested our Hanging With Friends Cheat, it is just like Hangman except with a few twists. In this version of the game, you try to guess the word your opponent has created for you before your time is up. Instead of your fate resulting in a stick figure hanging to a gallow, you are actually an animated avatar hanging onto five balloons above a lava pit or another pitfall, with each balloon bursting every time you incorrectly guess a letter. To prevent this fatal word game ending from happening to you, Anagrammer's cheat tool has a word maker to stump your opponents when creating a word, and it also has a word solver that will help you figure out your opponent's word in a flash. Once again, mystery solved thanks to Anagrammer.

Hanging With Friends was developed by Zynga, the same company which also developed Words With Friends. Hanging With Friends is essentially a combination of two popular games - Hangman & Words With Friends. We're huge fans of both games, so have fun playing!