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  1. Of, pertaining to, or formed by, a kaleidoscope; variegated.
  2. continually shifting or rapidly changing
  1. An evergreen shrub, of the genus Laurus , having aromatic leaves of a lanceolate shape, with clusters of small, yellowish white flowers in their axils; -- called also sweet bay.
  2. A crown of laurel; hence, honor; distinction; fame; -- especially in the plural; as, to win laurels.
  3. An English gold coin made in 1619, and so called because the king's head on it was crowned with laurel.
  4. The mountain laurel .
  5. Of or pertaining to a mountain or mountains; growing or living on a mountain; found on or peculiar to mountains; among mountains; as, a mountain torrent; mountain pines; mountain goats; mountain air; mountain howitzer.
  6. Like a mountain; mountainous; vast; very great.
  1. Of or pertaining to kenogenesis; as, kenogenetic processes.
  1. inflammation of the cornea and sclera of the eye
  1. a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food
  1. sympathy arising from a kind heart
  1. in a kinesthetic manner; by means of kinesthesia; "he can perceive shapes kinesthetically"