Letterpress Cheat

Letterpress Cheat
Welcome to Mr. Anagrammer's Letterpress Cheat solver. Letterpress Cheat is the smartest Letterpress help site. Type the letters into the grid and get all the highest scoring results. Letterpress is an awesome game, download it from the app store.
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Letterpress Cheat Instrucitons

1. Enter all your letters into the grid.
2. Press SOLVE >>
3. If you'd to only find words that have specific letters, use the "MUST CONTAIN THESE LETTERS" box to enter those letters. This will instanty filter the results for you.
4. You are now unbeatable :)

Letterpress Cheat is the most complete extremely versatile and poweful help site for the iOS Game Letterpress. You can sort all the words by length or in alphabetical order. Find words, steal tiles, control the board! Letterpress is an awesome fresh new word game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Play against your friends using Game Center! The perfect blend of fun and strategy.

Letterpress was created by atebits, but was later sold to Solebon. This is not your ordinary word game. There is no rack of letters to shuffle, and there are no letter or word multiplier squares. Instead, you are given 25 letters in a five-by-five grid to create words that will protect your letters with defensive strategies to help increase your territory. This territorial style of game play is unique to the world of word games which makes Letterpress so addictive. It is a strategic game that beautifully meshes colors with letters and words, making it a fight to the very end to keep and protect as many of your letters as possible. Most word games are dependent on points per word placement and length of words with some sort of luck involved in selection of letters. Letterpress is interestingly different in that combining wordplay and strategy become so dependent on one another that skill plays a much bigger role in this game rather than lending your success to luck. It is captivatingly fun since the unpredictability factor of not knowing who will win the game by claiming the most letters, or 'territory', is not easily determined until the very last moment. The word-color fusion of Letterpress with its strategic wordplay makes it a unique word game that provides hours of enthralling entertainment.