Why should I use Anagrammer?

The reason you're here most likely means you already know why you should use Anagrammer. However, what you might not know is WHAT ELSE should you use Anagrammer for. There are a magnitude of answers to that question. Most basic reason of using Anagrammer is to get winning words for games like Scrabble & Words With Friends. But that is only scratching the surface of what Anagrammer offers. We highly recommend that you spend some time and explore our Hangman or Crossword Solver. Spend some time and study new Scrabble words in Scrabble School or really build your trivia knowledge by studying our Jeopardy Flashcards. Don't forget to have some fun using Your Name Anagrammer, to see what cool phrase your name anagrams to - then share that with your friends. There you have just a few ideas why to use Anagrammer, feel free to discover many more!