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1. Click on the first tile in the top left corner of the grid to begin entering all 25 letters as they exactly appear in your game.

2. Press Solve to see all possible words.

3. Once you press Solve, you may sort the results by word length or by alphabetical order.

4. You may also filter your results by entering letters in the blue FILTER box to show words that must contain specified letters per your request.

5. An added feature is that when you click on any word in the results list, you can get a detailed analysis of the word, including its definition.

Welcome to Mr. Anagrammer's Letterpress Cheat solver. Letterpress Cheat is the smartest Letterpress help site. Type the letters into the grid, enter up to 25 letters and get all the highest scoring results.
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1. Enter all your letters into the grid.
2. Press SOLVE >>
3. You want to only find words that have specific letters, use the "MUST CONTAIN THESE LETTERS" box to enter your letters. This will filter the results to only show you matching words.
4. You are now unbeatable :)
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