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In which Scrabble dictionary does STICK exist?

Scrabble (US/Canada)
(11 pts)
Words with friends
(12 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD4)
(11 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD5)
(11 pts)
(12 pts)
(5 pts)
Scrabble (UK)
(11 pts)
Lexulous (US)
(13 pts)

Definitions of STICK in dictionaries:

    • noun - an implement consisting of a length of wood
    • noun - a small thin branch of a tree
    • noun - a lever used by a pilot to control the ailerons and elevators of an airplane
    • noun - a rectangular quarter pound block of butter or margarine
    • noun - informal terms for the leg
    • noun - a long implement (usually made of wood) that is shaped so that hockey or polo players can hit a puck or ball
    • noun - a long thin implement resembling a length of wood
    • noun - marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking
    • noun - threat of a penalty
    • verb - put, fix, force, or implant
    • verb - stay put (in a certain place)
    • verb - stick to firmly
    • verb - be or become fixed
    • verb - endure
    • verb - be a devoted follower or supporter
    • verb - be loyal to
    • verb - cover and decorate with objects that pierce the surface
    • verb - fasten with an adhesive material like glue
    • verb - fasten with or as with pins or nails
    • verb - fasten into place by fixing an end or point into something
    • verb - pierce with a thrust using a pointed instrument
    • verb - pierce or penetrate or puncture with something pointed
    • verb - come or be in close contact with
    • verb - saddle with something disagreeable or disadvantageous
    • verb - be a mystery or bewildering to
    • A branch or stem cut from a tree or shrub.
    • A piece of wood, such as a tree branch, that is used for fuel, cut for lumber, or shaped for a specific purpose.
    • A wand, staff, baton, or rod.
    • Any of various implements shaped like a rod and used in play: a hockey stick.
    • A walking stick; a cane.
    • Something slender and often cylindrical in form: a stick of dynamite.
    • A marijuana cigarette.
    • The control device of an aircraft that operates the elevators and ailerons.
    • A stick shift.
    • A mast or a part of a mast.
    • Printing.
    • A composing stick.
    • A stickful.
    • A group of bombs released to fall across an enemy target in a straight row.
    • A group of paratroopers exiting an aircraft in succession.
    • A timber tree.
    • A piece of furniture.
    • A poke, thrust, or stab with a stick or similar object: a stick in the ribs.
    • A threatened penalty: using both a carrot and a stick to keep allies in line.
    • The condition or power of adhering: a glue with plenty of stick.
    • A remote area; backwoods: moved to the sticks.
    • A city or town regarded as dull or unsophisticated.
    • A person regarded as stiff, boring, or spiritless.
    • A difficulty or an obstacle; a delay.
    • To pierce, puncture, or penetrate with a pointed instrument.
    • To kill by piercing.
    • To thrust or push (a pointed instrument) into or through another object.
    • To fasten into place by forcing an end or point into something: stick a hook on the wall.
    • To fasten or attach with or as if with pins, nails, or similar devices.
    • To fasten or attach with an adhesive material, such as glue or tape.
    • To cover or decorate with objects piercing the surface.
    • To fix, impale, or transfix on a pointed object: stick an olive on a toothpick.
    • To put, thrust, or push: stuck a flower in his buttonhole; sticking her head out the window.
    • To detain or delay.
    • To set (type) in a composing stick.
    • To confuse, baffle, or puzzle: Sometimes even simple questions stick me.
    • To cover or smear with something sticky.
    • To put blame or responsibility on; burden: stuck me with the bill.
    • To defraud or cheat: The dealer stuck me with shoddy merchandise.
    • To be or become fixed or embedded in place by having the point thrust in.
    • To become or remain attached or in close association by or as if by adhesion; cling: stick together in a crowd; stuck with me on the unfamiliar trail.
    • To remain firm, determined, or resolute: stuck to basic principles.
    • To remain loyal or faithful: stick by a friend through difficult times.
    • To persist or endure: a bad name that has stuck.
    • To scruple or hesitate: She sticks at nothing—no matter how difficult.
    • To be at or come to a standstill; become fixed, blocked, checked, or obstructed: stuck in traffic for an hour.
    • To project or protrude: hair sticking out on his head; an antenna sticking up on the roof.
    • To be prominent.
    • To put up with: had to stick out a bad situation in the office.
    • verb - to support with slender pieces of wood
    • verb - to pierce with a pointed object


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There are 5 letters in STICK: C I K S T

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