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Scrabble (US/Canada)
(5 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD4)
(5 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD5)
(5 pts)
(6 pts)
(3 pts)
Scrabble (UK)
(5 pts)
Lexulous (US)
(5 pts)

Definitions of LAP in various dictionaries:

    • noun - the upper side of the thighs of a seated person
    • noun - an area of control or responsibility
    • noun - the part of a piece of clothing that covers the thighs
    • noun - a flap that lies over another part
    • noun - movement once around a course
    • noun - touching with the tongue
    • verb - lie partly over or alongside of something or of one another
    • verb - pass the tongue over
    • verb - move with or cause to move with a whistling or hissing sound
    • verb - take up with the tongue
    • verb - wash or flow against
    • The front area from the waist to the knees of a seated person.
    • The portion of a garment that covers the lap.
    • A hanging or flaplike part, especially of a garment.
    • An area of responsibility, interest, or control: an opportunity that dropped in his lap.
    • To place or lay (something) so as to overlap another: roof tiles that were lapped so that water will run off.
    • To lie partly over or on: each shingle lapping the next; shadows that lapped the wall.
    • To fold (something) over onto itself: a cloth edge that had been lapped and sewn to make a hem.
    • To wrap or wind around (something); encircle.
    • To envelop in something; swathe: models who were lapped in expensive furs.
    • To join (pieces, as of wood) by means of a scarf or lap joint.
    • To get ahead of (an opponent) in a race by one or more complete circuits of the course.
    • To convert (cotton or other fibers) into a sheet or layer.
    • To polish (a surface) until smooth.
    • To hone (two mating parts) against each other until closely fitted.
    • To lie partly on or over something; overlap.
    • To form a lap or fold.
    • To wind around or enfold something.
    • A part that overlaps.
    • The amount by which one part overlaps another.
    • One complete round or circuit, especially of a racetrack.
    • One complete length of a straight course, as of a swimming pool.
    • A segment or stage, as of a trip.
    • A length, as of rope, required to make one complete turn around something.
    • The act of lapping or encircling.
    • A continuous band or layer of cotton, flax, or other fiber.
    • A wheel, disk, or slab of leather or metal, either stationary or rotating, used for polishing and smoothing.
    • To take in (a liquid or food) by lifting it with the tongue.
    • To wash or slap against with soft liquid sounds: waves lapping the side of the boat.
    • To take in a liquid or food with the tongue.
    • To wash against something with soft liquid sounds.
    • The act or an instance of lapping.
    • The amount taken in by lapping.
    • The sound of lapping.
    • A watery food or drink.
    • verb - to fold over or around something


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