How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Sep 30 2018

'A Descent Into the Maelstrom' author poe
'Ain't that interesting!' gee
'Before I forget' letters btw
'Black Ice' rockers acdc
'Dodged a bullet there!' phew
'Highlander' weapon sword
'I should hit the hay' itslate
'I'll get these drinks' onme
'It ___ to be' has
'It's ___ game!' anyones
'My goodness!' man
'Song of the Broad-___' (Whitman poem about a wood-cutting tool) axe
'That's not ___' all
'Ulysses' poet Stephen dedalus
'You believe it's true?' thinkso
1985 hit by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin about a breakup / 1983 hit by Journey about a breakup, familiarly separate
Amanda of 'Brockmire' peet
Apple Store array tablets
Apt rhyme of 'bow' prow
Attempt to conquer invade
Backup singer for a couple of Turners ikette
Bandleader Jaffe moe
Barking creature seal
Bewitch enamor
Bill born in D.C nye
Bills on tables, maybe tips
Bit of rodeo equipment lariat
Blaine's idol houdini
Bocce player's asset aim
Burgundy, e.g red
Burn a bit singe
Bygone Topps rival fleer
Captain Hoseason, to David Balfour, in 'Kidnapped' captor
CNN journalist Cabrera ana
Completely surrounds envelops
Construction worker in 'The Lego Movie' emmet
Contacting via WhatsApp, say iming
Contents of a non-alcoholic shot espresso
Covert ops collection intel
Current name of the late 19th century? tesla
Daisy visitor bee
Demolition aftermath debris
Didn't deviate from keptto
Diesel of action flicks vin
Disturb roil
Dry cleaning item? napkin
Eczema symptom rash
Elevated station eminence
Elevator at a construction site / Rare pitch that's similar in grip to a splitter fork
Eponym on American Chinese food menus tso
Fantasy league offer trade
Feature of an iguana's neck dewlap
Figures depicted as wax figures, perhaps stars
Film you've got to catch mustsee
Final form for the tree in 'The Giving Tree' stump
Formal affair gala
French body of water that anagrams to a type of ship loire
Garden eel relative conger
Give up / Like many positions for students part
Ground cover? rug
Hero to many Philadelphians? hoagie
Hookup at a concert amp
Human chicken wimp
Human rights activist Kennedy ethel
In the heart of amidst
Instrument from the French for 'heavenly' celesta
Instruments replaced by ordinary objects in 'Stomp' drums
Internalize information learn
Is successful thrives
It's covered in kernels cob
Jazz keyboardist Saunders merl
Juvenile sort lad
Key finder, e.g locator
Knuckleheads dodos
Landline phone piece handset
Lays (on) thickly slathers
Least significant merest
Less significant tinier
Like 'Twilight' vampires, despite appearances old
Lines on which you will find the ends of this puzzle's theme entries diagonals
Lite food descriptor nofat
Lose firmness sag
Makes use of a galleon sails
Many Impressionist works at the National Gallery of Art renoirs
McDonald's character who, despite his name, is often shown smiling grimace
Merited a scolding actedup
Mythical story teller? liar
Nautically sheltered alee
No longer exists isnt
Note-book reader? maestro
Numerical term for a shooting guard two
Opposite of draconian lax
Ordered the return of recalled
Pain-in-the-neck solutions massages
Palm setting, maybe isle
Pentathletes' items epees
Pictures from the 1920s silents
Pitcher's favorite bar food? sliders
Poison singer Michaels bret
Portion of land lot
Prepared briefs, say wrote
Razor brand since 1977 atra
Rite reply ido
Santoro's portrayer in 'Casino' pesci
Savings acronym ira
See 27 Across idle
She was on the cover of Vogue in October 1998 oprah
Shell fixtures gaspumps
Show that featured Debbie Downer, briefly snl
Shower with acclaim extol
Site of many vessels seaport
Slanting aslope
Sleep study subject rem
Some barn babies owlets
Some cereal box units grams
Sound effect at a brawl pow
Sound of a slam wham
Spiked wheel by a heel spur
Stackable Livestock animals, in 'The Far Side' cows
Stan's 'Utopia' sidekick ollie
Start of a radio code alfa
Stealth action video game franchise bearing Tom Clancy's name / Breakaway organization splinter
Stiller's comedy partner meara
Story by a box score recap
Sub-Saharan predators leopards
Suffer ail
Surrealist Jean arp
Terminate abolish
Those in a V formation geese
Thrones, so to speak toilets
Took orders? ate
Training ___ bra
Tughrul Tower's nation iran
U. of Maryland athlete terp
Uriah ___ (heavy metal band that shares its name with a Dickens villain) heep
Vinegar containers cruets
Vintage auto horns klaxons
Visual ___ aid
Warns a la an Akita snarls
What a mullet covers nape
Whitman of 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' mae
Wings accompaniment dip
With 114 Down, comedic co-author of 'Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy)' eric
___ lamp oil
'God Bless America' landscape word prairies
'High Hopes' lyricist cahn
'How goes it, José?' comoesta
'I'll think about it' maybe
'Little Beau __': 1952 toon about a skunk pepe
'Nixon in China' composer John adams
'Taxi' dispatcher louie
'Tiny Alice' dramatist albee
'Tomb Raider' star Vikander alicia
'Wicked Game' singer Chris isaak
*'Dead Poets Society' setting boardingschool
*Camping out, say roughingit
*Electric vehicle need chargingstation
*Fish story theme hookingthebigone
*Having a blowout sale slashingprices
*Like a man resisting the urge to argue holdinghistongue
*Pressurized undersea compartment divingbell
1977 medical thriller coma
A deal may be made under it, with 'the' table
Actress Massey ilona
Ad preceder? deuce
Ages and ages eons
Apple platform ios
Apt sports org. for this puzzle nhl
Arena worker usher
Aroused turnedon
Arthur of 'The Golden Girls' bea
Asgard group aesir
ATM feature slot
Auto safety device airbag
Bank built for a rainy day levee
Became clear jelled
Birth announcement word girl
Bit of roller derby protection elbowpad
Blackmailed bled
Blue hue cyan
Border abut
Bulldogs fan eli
Burj Khalifa's city dubai
Bus path: Abbr rte
Came down with got
Canceled, as an event off
Casual 'Pass' nah
Check, in a way readd
Cherry and crimson reds
Christmas tree topper angel
Come after ensue
Compos mentis sane
Corrida cry ole
Counterculture icon Hoffman abbie
Craving itch
Crunched figures data
Culture dish media agars
Cybernuisance spam
Designer monogram ysl
Disaster site procedures triages
DJIA part: Abbr avg
Ear decoration stud
Endangered layer ozone
Ending for gab or talk fest
Enticement allure
Fed. workplace watchdog osha
Fiendish sort ogre
Fifth-century nomad hun
Fireside treats smores
Fragrant wood cedar
From head __ totoe
Genesis creator sega
Get decked out togup
Go __ great length onat
Goatee-stroking words isee
Going every which way diverging
Green new
Gumshoes, for short pis
Halve bisect
Herd voices moos
Hot belt, with 'the' tropics
House of Commons vote nay
In addition too
Israeli heat? uzi
It's pressed for oil olive
Kick off the flight bump
Leveling wedge shim
Like neon noble
Lion king aslan
Lion king simba
Log enter
Long-nosed fish gar
Many a Snapchat user teen
Mess maker slob
Military order atease
Minute critter ameba
More than cool icy
Mosey amble
Most populous densest
NBA exec Danny ainge
Neatnik's possible condition, briefly ocd
Nice with? avec
Once, sometimes enough
Pal of Grover elmo
Passé dated
Persian call meow
Piece of dirt clod
Plains native otoe
Powerful sinewed
Pricing word per
Promise of dire consequences orelse
Pump, e.g shoe
Punishment with a grounding notv
Puppet extension? eer
Put the kibosh on nixed
Red __: spicy candies hots
Rival of ancient Carthage utica
Road crew worker paver
Rock subculture emo
Scintilla iota
Sink basin
Slipped __ disc
Slowly crept inched
Some lighters bics
Source of a Pasadena parade aroma roses
Split to be tied? elope
Spoils recipient victor
Stalks in a pie rhubarb
Stern warning dont
Stiller's partner meara
Stirred moved
Suffix with gymnast ics
Swear cuss
Tank filler fuel
Target of adoration idol
Temporarily disqualified due to an infraction that begins any of seven answers to starred clues inthepenaltybox
Third face of Eve? seth
Throws out ejects
Tool needing wringing wetmop
Tries to score shoots
Underground invader weed
Unreturnable, as a bottle nodeposit
Waist container? belt
Wasn't straight lied
__ Beach: L.A. suburb redondo
__ curls bicep
__ hall mess
__ salts epsom
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