How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Mar 17 2019

'Claude Monet Reading' painter renoir
'Do you ___ it?' deny
'Evita' narrator che
'Frozen' man hans
'Have fun!' enjoy
'I'll have what she's having' thesame
'In My Blood' singer Mendes shawn
'Ish' sorta
'Liquid' item, perhaps asset
'Livin' la Vida ___' loca
'Red ___!' (cry on the Enterprise) alert
'Road Less Traveled' singer Lauren ___ alaina
'Sadly,' in poems alas
'Skedaddle!' git
'So long!' tata
'The Boss' singer Ross diana
*Actress Halle, when she's acting sadder than normal? blueraspberry
*Dr. Emmett Brown's sacrilegious cry of dismay toward his friend in 'Back to the Future'? christmasparty
*Drink served during a future PhD's test? grewaspine
*Long voyage for an expert fighter pilot? aspaceodyssey
*Nickname for a Houston NFL pro? texaspanhandle
*Third of the most commonly seen characters in 'Gridiron Gang,' e.g.? lastgasp
*Wedding band made by Apple? aspiring
*Wing built for a theatrical company? castaspell
30 Across exile eve
Administered, as fines levied
Assume the role of actas
Bakery offerings loaves
Banisher of snakes celebrated on Mar. 17 stpatrick
Beast of Bible verses ass
Binge-watching period tvtime
Booming orators stentors
Botanical garden features bushes
Brand that makes deodorant, and not medieval weapons as you might expect axe
Bring to mind summon
Burning lit
Canonizing figure pope
Cause great vexation to irk
Channel televising debates espn
Chargers great Junior seau
City that hosts the world's longest-running indoor flower show, informally philly
Classy people? teachers
Come up arise
Completely lose it goape
Crystalline material ice
D.C. athlete hoya
Dependent thing, maybe clause
Disaster for a Dell crash
Distort, as data skew
Easy shot in the paint layup
Edward Rochester's first wife in 'Jane Eyre' bertha
Emulate a possum playdead
Ernie with irons els
Father, as a foal sire
Fauvist painter Matisse henri
Fellow traveler on a road trip, say teammate
Fluorescent bulb units watts
Form create
Former carrier name usair
Free things offered by a store, maybe apps
Geronimo, e.g apache
Goal for a 'silly rabbit' trix
Grp. for 53 Down pta
Guitarist DiFranco ani
Harbour Bridge city sydney
He won 56 bouts ali
Hit 2012 musical once
Home of 48 states asia
Honey spot hive
Hook's foe Peter pan
House refusal nay
Hozenji Temple locale osaka
Hurls heaves
Individual in a cloister nun
Inventor Nikola tesla
It's aptly sold at Brewers games beer
Keyboard maker yamaha
Knight's club mace
Light outdoor garments topcoats
Like Adam Levine's voice nasal
Like Estonia baltic
Like Jack Torrance in 'The Shining' insane
Like some craters lunar
Longnose ___ (fish) gar
Loooooooong time eon
Maker of facial masks olay
Medieval Times ride steed
Melodrama persona damsel
Mendeleev who built a table dmitri
Modeled after ala
Molecule in the cytoplasm rna
Mountain prowlers pumas
N.Y. winter setting est
NFL's Man of the Year, 1970 unitas
Omits, in speech elides
One you don't know stranger
Ones battling us them
Ones prone to mischief imps
Orange Monopoly card chance
Origin of swords smithy
Peg for 56 Down tee
Pirate's mission raid
Places blame on accuses
Poet Silverstein shel
Problems that may be caused by wax buildup earaches
Promotional activity? chess
Puccini's title soprano tosca
Queen of Norway sonja
Question of possibility how
Rapper hailed as the 'new YouTube king' on CNN's website in 2012 psy
Revolutionary Villa pancho
Run out, as time elapse
Salt Lake City collegian ute
See 48 Across solo
Slight fight spat
Snake that you must banish from eight answers to make sense of their clues asp
Some dabbling ducks mallards
Steppe shelter yurt
Storied snake's place eden
Subway Series participant met
T, as in Thanatos tau
Take illicitly rob
Take on, in a way hire
Tattoo covering the arm sleeve
Teri of cinema garr
That stuff those
They may chew the fat teeth
They're built up in excitement hopes
Time for the credits end
Title for Alec Guinness sir
Tobacco mass wad
Unit of labor manhour
Unlike many successful improv comedians timid
User's shortcut macro
With 19 Across, pilot frozen in carbonite han
Woman's name that can become an African nation with an added G hana
Work for a hero? ode
Year 2,019 years prior to 2019 onebc
Yoko in a studio ono
___ bar dive
___ Chicks ('Not Ready to Make Nice' band) dixie
___ Parenthood planned
___ room (game spot) rec
___ tense past
'Mean Girls' actress lohan
'That's enough!' quitit
'The Nutcracker' dip plie
1936 Literature Nobelist oneill
1971 American Airlines debut dcten
2003 AFI Life Achievement Award recipient deniro
60 secs min
Accident investigation agcy ntsb
Acquire get
Actually existing inesse
AEC successor nrc
Against-the-wind sailing maneuver tack
Allowed lawful
Allowing for the possibility that evenif
Apostle also called Levi matthew
Appalachian range smokies
Bakery specialist icer
Ballpark staple hotdog
Barrie's bosun smee
Beast in a Beatles' title walrus
Blew big-time squalled
Border Patrol city of the Southwest yuma
Boxer who defeated Holyfield twice bowe
Break-in sound? ahem
Bring about induce
Bryce Canyon locale utah
Bully's words orelse
Citi Field team, on scoreboards nym
Clock-climbing trio mice
Come to __ anend
Common pay period week
Contentious shoulder piece? chip
Cremona Christmas natale
Daze fog
Decide not to attend skip
Diminutive elfin
Edge of a canyon rim
Eliot's '__ Bede' adam
End-of-season games playoffs
Equal-split offer half
Falling-outs rifts
Ferdinand II of Aragón, por ejemplo rey
Filled in temped
Frodo pursuer orc
Geraint's beloved enid
Green colorforstpatricksday
Green easilytricked
Green villagecenter
Green newonthejob
Green lookingsickly
Green golfersputtingsurface
Green ecofriendly
Habit wearer nun
Handy reference rogets
Happy eating word nom
Hawaiian goose nene
He has the answers trebek
Heart and soul, e.g nouns
Hide seeker tanner
Himalayan beast yak
Homes in the woods nests
Hot message sext
Ice cream treat malt
In a snippy manner curtly
Interactive Facebook feature wall
Intimate with closeto
Iowa summer hrs cdt
Jewish month after Av elul
Jim Davis canine odie
Kewpie and kachina dolls
Kind of skiing nordic
Kings, e.g men
Lamb pen name elia
Land in the Seine ile
Lang. of Livorno ital
Like many basements dank
Like seven Nolan Ryan games nohit
Mani mate pedi
Metal containers tins
Moving wheels van
Museum works fineart
Name of six popes paul
Needing bailing out, maybe inaspot
Nissan model sentra
Not a Crimson fan eli
One may come over a crowd hush
One of the 91-Down met
Ownership proof deed
Pacific island nation fiji
Part of a cook's job prep
Porto-__: Benin's capital novo
Prankster imp
Premier League soccer anchor Rebecca lowe
Prepare to take off, perhaps untie
Printer function scan
Promise avowal
Psychiatrist Jung carl
Pub bud lad
QBs' concerns ints
Reacting to a tearjerker weepy
Really irritate vex
Recognized knew
Roxane's lover cyrano
Rugby tussles scrums
Sad sound sob
Samson's betrayer delilah
See 119-Across fixe
Self-help website ehow
Shake __: hurry aleg
Shylock's adversary portia
Siouan tribe otoe
Skillfully makes crafts
Skip-a-round privileges byes
Slapped-on restraints cuffs
Slow cooker dish stew
Smartphone no tel
Southwest formation mesa
Spot during a program tvad
Springlike, as weather mild
Star Wars initials sdi
Suffragist Julia Ward __ howe
Synagogue shul
Tenth of a grand cnote
Terrible year? twos
Texas city nickname bigd
The NCAA's Spartans msu
Three Rivers river ohio
Three-time Tony winner __-Manuel Miranda lin
Throws out evicts
Together asone
Track event race
Try again rehear
Unproductive idle
Until now asyet
Vacation home for dogs? kennel
Walked trod
Wings annexes
Winter truck attachment plow
With 109-Down, obsession idee
Word with way or case stair
Yellowfin tuna ahi
Youngster tyke
Zoomed past spedby
__ de corps esprit
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