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Scrabble (US/Canada)
(3 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD4)
(3 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD5)
(3 pts)
(4 pts)
(2 pts)
Scrabble (UK)
(3 pts)
Lexulous (US)
(3 pts)

Definitions of GO in various dictionaries:

    • noun - a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else)
    • noun - street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine
    • noun - a usually brief attempt
    • noun - a board game for two players who place counters on a grid
    • verb - change location
    • verb - follow a procedure or take a course
    • verb - move away from a place into another direction
    • verb - enter or assume a certain state or condition
    • verb - be awarded
    • verb - have a particular form
    • verb - stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope
    • verb - follow a certain course
    • verb - be abolished or discarded
    • verb - be or continue to be in a certain condition
    • verb - make a certain noise or sound
    • verb - perform as expected when applied
    • verb - to be spent or finished
    • verb - progress by being changed
    • verb - continue to live through hardship or adversity
    • verb - pass, fare, or elapse
    • verb - pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life
    • verb - be in the right place or situation
    • verb - be ranked or compare
    • verb - begin or set in motion
    • verb - have a turn
    • verb - be contained in
    • verb - be sounded, played, or expressed
    • verb - blend or harmonize
    • verb - lead, extend, or afford access
    • verb - be the right size or shape
    • verb - go through in search of something
    • verb - be spent
    • verb - give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number
    • verb - stop operating or functioning
    • adj - functioning correctly and ready for action
    • To move or travel; proceed: We will go by bus.
    • To move away from a place; depart: Go before I cry.
    • To pursue a certain course: messages that go through diplomatic channels to the ambassador.
    • To extend between two points or in a certain direction; run: curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor.
    • To give entry; lead: a stairway that goes to the basement.
    • To function properly: The car won’t go.
    • To have currency.
    • To pass from one person to another; circulate: Wild rumors were going around the office.
    • To pass as the result of a sale: The gold watch went to the highest bidder.
    • Used as an intensifier when joined by and to a coordinate verb: She went and complained to Personnel.
    • Used in the progressive tense with an infinitive to indicate future intent or expectation: I am going to learn how to dance.
    • To be in a certain condition.
    • To come to be in a certain condition: go mad; hair that had gone gray.
    • To continue to be in a certain condition or continue an activity: go barefoot all summer.
    • To carry out an action to a certain point or extent: Your parents went to great expense to put you through college.
    • To be customarily located; belong: The fork goes to the left of the plate.
    • To be capable of entering or fitting: Will the suitcase go into the trunk of your car? 12.
    • To pass into someone’s possession: All the jewelry went to her heirs.
    • To be a contributing factor: It all goes to show us that the project can be completed on time.
    • To have a particular form: as the saying goes.
    • To be such, by and large: well behaved, as big dogs go.
    • To pass by; elapse: The day went pleasantly enough until I received your call.
    • To be used up.
    • To be discarded or abolished: All luxuries will have to go.
    • To become weak; fail: His hearing has started to go.
    • To come apart; break up.
    • To cease living; die.
    • To have a successful outcome: creativity that made the advertising campaign really go.
    • To be suitable or appropriate as an accessory or accompaniment: a color that goes beautifully with your complexion.
    • To have authority: Whatever I say goes.
    • To be valid, acceptable, or adequate.
    • To excrete waste from the bladder or bowels.
    • Informal.
    • To walk.
    • To proceed or move according to: I was free to go my own way.
    • To traverse: Only two of the runners went the entire distance.
    • Informal.
    • To bet: go $20 on the black horse.
    • To bid: I’ll go $500 on the vase.
    • Informal.
    • To take on the responsibility or obligation for: go bail for a client.
    • To amount to; weigh: a shark that went 400 pounds.
    • To enjoy: I could go a cold beer right now.
    • To say.
    • The act or an instance of going.
    • An attempt; an effort: had a go at acting.
    • The time or period of an activity.
    • Informal.
    • Informal.
    • The go-ahead.
    • Often Go.
    • A situation in which planned operations can be effectuated: The space mission is a go.
    • To satisfy a demand or requirement: just enough food to go around.
    • To go here and there; move from place to place.
    • To have currency: rumors going around.
    • To attack, especially with energy.
    • To approach; undertake: He went at the job with a lot of energy.
    • To elapse; pass: as time goes by.
    • To pay a short visit: My parents were away when we went by last week.
    • To drop below the horizon; set: The sun went down.
    • To fall to the ground: The helicopter went down in a ball of fire.
    • To sink: The torpedoed battleship went down.
    • To experience defeat or ruin.
    • To admit of easy swallowing: a cough syrup that goes down readily.
    • To leave a university.
    • To occur; happen: “a collection of memorable pieces about the general craziness that was going down in those days” (James Atlas).
    • To come to be remembered in posterity: a debate that will go down as a turning point in the campaign.
    • To have a special liking for: I really go for progressive jazz.
    • To attack: an opponent who is known to go for the jugular in arguments.
    • To pass for or serve as: a couch that also goes for a bed.
    • To take part in a cooperative venture: went in with the others to buy a present.
    • To make an approach, as before an attack: Troops went in at dawn.
    • To undergo detonation; explode.
    • To make a noise; sound: The siren went off at noon.
    • To leave: Don’t go off mad.
    • To adhere to the expected course of events or the expected plan: The project went off smoothly.
    • To take place; happen: didn’t know what was going on.
    • To continue: Life must go on.
    • To keep on doing (something): Don’t go on talking.
    • To proceed: She went on to become a senator.
    • To talk volubly: My, you do go on.
    • To become extinguished.
    • To go outdoors; leave one’s residence: He went out at seven.
    • To take part in social life outside the home: goes out a lot.
    • To become unfashionable: High boots went out last year.
    • To undergo structural collapse: The bridge went out.
    • To gain acceptance or approval: a new style that didn’t go over.
    • To examine: go over the test scores.
    • To examine carefully: went through the students’ papers.
    • To experience: We went through hell while working on this project.
    • To perform: I went through the sonata in 30 minutes.
    • To suffer defeat or destruction; fail.
    • To undergo total financial failure: “A record number of... banks went belly up” (New Republic).
    • To have interest in: goes in for classical music.
    • To become insignificant or inoperative: “As soon as a third body is introduced to the Newtonian system, all lawful ordering of processes goes out the window” (Fusion).
    • To lose one’s self-control.
    • To fight or dispute until one side or another is victorious: The governor will go to the mat with the legislature over the controversial spending bill.
    • To work or perform efficiently and rapidly.
    • In recent years, however, younger speakers have extended this use of go to the report of speech, as in Then he goes, “You think you’re real smart, don’t you.
    • A Japanese game for two, played with counters on a board that is ruled with 19 vertical and 19 horizontal lines.
    • verb - to move along
    • noun - a Japanese board game


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