How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Nov 11 2007

"Coming after the break ..." NEXTUP
"I think I misdealt" COUNTYOURCARDS
"It's ___!" AGIRL
"To Love Somebody" group BEEGEES
"What nerve!" THEAUDACITY
"___ are saying ..." ALLWE
Acheson or Rusk DEAN
African antelope ORIBI
Albacore et al. TUNAS
Amadeus role SALIERI
Argued (with) HADAROW
Back-stabber BETRAYER
Back-stabbers JUDASES
Boatload, e.g. HUGEQUANTITY
Calls it a day QUITS
Carry-on item BAG
Carton count DOZEN
Cat Ballou co-star MARVIN
Check writer PAYER
Chilly powder? SNOW
Compare with LIKENTO
Compete VIE
Cousin of "presto!" VOILA
Dashboard dial TACHOMETER
Death of a Salesman son BIFF
Detached feeling ALIENATION
Dined at home ATEIN
Disgusted grunts UGHS
Doubting words IDONTTHINKSO
Dressy doings GALAS
Driving Miss Daisy star TANDY
Dual deal of a sort JOINTOWNERSHIP
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Eavesdrop on LISTENIN
Editor's order STET
Exec's "now" ASAP
Film with no costume designer? NUDIE
Flu symptoms ACHES
Friendly GENIAL
Gentle cycle items KNITS
Get in the way of DETER
Getting cold ONICE
Hawaii's Mauna ___ KEA
Hoarse voice RASP
Hose wrecker RUN
Hotel waiter? CAB
In reference to ABOUT
Inventor's middle name ALVA
It may get agitated WASH
Italian seaport SALERNO
Judge's coverup? ROBE
Kentucky college or its town BEREA
Khartoum's land SUDAN
Killer whale ORCA
Klutzy INEPT
Largo and lento, e.g. TEMPOS
Leave port GOTOSEA
Leave port SAIL
Leisurely SLOW
Like Captain Ahab STERN
Like omelet ham DICED
Like some dicts. ABR
Lip-___ SYNC
Lohengrin aria, "___ Dream" ELSAS
Losers to the 1969 Miracle Mets ORIOLES
Lost traction SLID
M.p.g. rater EPA
Man of La Mancha, e.g. SENOR
Max Jr. who played TV's Jethro BAER
Miler's path OVAL
Mollified PLACATED
Mon Oncle star Jacques TATI
More, in Madrid MAS
Move a little STIR
Mr. Parseghian ARA
My Fair Lady girl ELIZA
Navy noncoms CPOS
NewsHour network PBS
Noted "paparazzi magnet" PARISHILTON
Nothing-but-net baskets SWISHES
Old name for a dairy stick OLEO
Oz visitor TOTO
Perfectly TOAT
Pilfered STOLE
Pipers' wear KILTS
Play about Capote TRU
Pony poker SPUR
Pop fly's path ARC
Proclamation EDICT
Put a strain on TAX
Rain heavily POUR
Recyclable item CAN
Repeatedly, briefly OFT
Rugged rock CRAG
Sam and Dave hit SOULMAN
Seasonal songs CAROLS
Self-satisfied SMUG
Shoestring tier LACER
Short time-out NAP
Sierra ___ LEONE
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Site for a safe WALL
Skimpy skirts TUTUS
Slangy mouth YAP
Source of zest RIND
Space ball? ORB
Stage direction ENTER
Start-up helper: abbr. SBA
Station's supply GAS
Stats and such INFO
Stevie Wonder's "My ___ Amour" CHERIE
Suspect's story ALIBI
Swiss artist Paul KLEE
Tackle moguls SKI
Technical sch. INST
The "R" that starts with an "a": abbr. ARITH
The Beehive State UTAH
They're out of your mind IDEAS
Thick-as-thieves folks PALS
Throw hard HURL
Toothpick Olive? OYL
Top-notch GRADEA
TV character who regularly locks himself in jail OTIS
Unassembled INPIECES
Varieties TYPES
Vaughan of jazz SARAH
Violinist's first name YEHUDI
Whirlpool, e.g. VORTEX
Windows alternative UNIX
Witch of the comics BROOMHILDA
Word form for sleep NARCO
Writer Le Guin et al. URSULAS
WWII spy org. OSS
___ chi TAI
___ glance ATA
___ of faith ALEAP
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