How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post May 05 2019

'Almost Like Being in Love' composer Frederick loewe
'Sorry, lad' nae
'The Purloined Letter' writer poe
1993 Aerosmith hit that begins 'There was a time / When I was so broken-hearted' cryin
About, on memos inre
Addis Ababa's land: Abbr eth
Adorn ornament
Allow let
Animated image of Santa repeatedly going down the chimney? christmasgif
Annoy constantly nagat
Basic banking rule? dontforge
Beach volleyball team pair
Bearlike marsupial koala
Bee team swarm
Blow up enlarge
BP, pulse, etc vitals
Burdens onuses
Buttonholes, e.g slits
Campaign nastiness smears
Cashew family shrubs sumacs
Cato the Elder or Cato the Younger senator
Causes of traffic jams ... or ways to avoid them detours
Civil War fighters rebs
Coll. units depts
Company named for a volcano aetna
Cop's case-breaking tip, perhaps hotlead
Counseled advised
Country sound twang
Courage valor
Crew member tar
Cruller coating glaze
Cut of meat loin
Dutch city, with 'The' hague
Emperor adopted by Claudius nero
Eve's first home eden
Extract with a solvent elute
Faith religion
Fall behind lag
Fare-well link thee
Fast Northeast train acela
First catch the fly, then eat the fly? spiderplan
Friendly dog's offering paw
Fruity neckwear? bananaboa
Future attys.' exams lsats
Garage service lube
Goes downhill worsens
Goes off errs
Greater more
Happen at the same time coincide
Happening right now live
Hard work sweat
Heart test letters ekg
Hereditary innate
How Sitka, Alaska, ranks as the largest U.S. city inarea
How some things are set instone
Hunger remedy wrongly attributed to Marie Antoinette cake
Immerse (in), as maple syrup drown
Improve upon outdo
Incite provoke
Indication of growing impatience? secondsigh
Inspiring acts? breaths
Iridescent gems opals
Is indebted to owes
Japanese pond fish koi
Japanese tech company nec
Kitchen convenience timer
Like Bach's French Suite No. 6 ine
Lion's warning roar
Lost Colony's island roanoke
Lyft competitor uber
Maker of Aspire laptops acer
MD workplaces ors
Meaningless inane
Means avenue
Mortise joiner tenon
Muffin grain oat
Mythical elephant carrier roc
North end? ern
Numb deaden
Numerical suffix for 'about' ish
Owie spot, maybe tootsie
Painting on wet plaster fresco
Paul Anka's '__ Beso' eso
PC-to-PC system lan
Pet reindeer in 'Frozen' sven
Plague scourge
Playwright Chekhov anton
Plod trudge
Poor grade dee
Popular school cafeteria item tatertot
Principle tenet
Reach arriveat
Really bad awful
Recipe meas tbsp
Renter's rental sublease
Repetitive sound echo
Robert who sang the role of Figaro 46 times at the Met merrill
Rock at the bar? icecube
Rural skyline standouts silos
Sam or Wiggily uncle
Set as a price ask
Sets a match to ignites
Severe distress sorrow
Sharpening tool strop
Ship protected by Hera argo
Skin pigment melanin
Small-time British crook spiv
Smaller less
Social newcomer who won't go away? longtermdeb
Socially challenged one, often nerd
Sparkling rock geode
Subjecting to a basic haunting strategy? givingtheboo
Super-impressed awed
Superfan nut
Supposes assumes
Tenor's moment aria
The 'there' in 'Don't go there' sorespot
They're often smashed sots
Tiny shape-shifters amoebae
Togo neighbor benin
Treaty pact
Trojan War god ares
Tuscany city siena
Ukulele wood koa
Unexpected story ending twist
USCG officer ens
Usually well-compensated leader ceo
Valentine card hugs ooo
Votes at a beer convention? brewersyeas
Wedding party bride
Weep sob
White-plumed wader egret
Windshield sticker decal
Woman's name that means 'pleasure' in Hebrew edna
Words before a view asiseeit
Writers pens
__ Cup world
__ even footing onan
__ network neural
__-Nehemiah: Hebrew Bible book ezra
'American Horror Story' actor Peters evan
'Archer' agent ___ Kane lana
'C'est magnifique!' {oo}hlala
'Clue' maid yve{tt}e
'Critical' measurement mass
'Have You ___?' (No. 1 hit for Brandy) ever
'How fascinating'? im{nn}{oo}{tt}interested
'Keys to Imagination' album composer, 1986 ya{nn}i
'That's reasonable'? its{nn}{oo}{tt}fair
'The Godfather' capo ___ Tessio sal
'Valley of the Dolls' novelist Jacqueline susa{nn}
'We should explore that more'? lets{nn}{oo}{tt}gothere
19th code letter of the NATO phonetic alphabet sierra
A language that 'speaks in emotions,' per Keith Richards music
Abnormal growth nodule
As well tob{oo}t
Baritone highlight aria
Beauty pageant item tiara
Big deal ado
Briefs borders hems
Browning offering poem
Bulgarian's neighbor serb
Cause of damage detriment
Cell setting alarm
Central point midst
Clad a{tt}ired
CNN journalist Acosta jim
Colorful minerals opals
Combining results sums
Comedian DeVine adam
Darn mend
Delivery hr eta
Dinah's biblical mother leah
Disney character named after a Shakespeare character iago
Do some screenwriting? type
Early marketplace agora
Early summoning word mama
Elicit gasps, say amaze
Event at which a school cheerleader might say 'Gimme an A'? exam
Exultant exclamation iwon
Faline's cinematic mate bambi
Fee paid in chips ante
Figure being slain in a Rubens painting abel
First name of a Metropolis villain lex
Flat document lease
Former TV host whose name is a homophone of a golf score paar
Former U.N. VIP Kofi a{nn}an
George Washington's declaration of deceit? ican{nn}{oo}{tt}tellalie
Go inside? do{nn}{oo}{tt}enter
Goes out, in a way ebbs
Hairy ET alf
Hall of Fame receiver Michael irvin
Harmonize blend
Harmonize a{tt}une
Harsh critic's 'drink' haterade
Having the opportunity able
He beat Medvedev in the 1999 French Open championship match agassi
Heist target, maybe jewel
Hertz, e.g unit
Highest numeral on some fancy watches xii
Hit, as with tomatoes pelt
Home to many Picasso works, briefly moma
Hurdles for some future doctors orals
Icicle holder eave
Island that hosted Miss World 2013 bali
It may end in a sweep series
Izmir resident turk
Johnson who played Wolfgang on 'Laugh-In' arte
Joins weds
Keys at the piano alicia
Keystone State eponym pe{nn}
Large forest specimen elm
Lawn material sod
Legal proceedings appeals
Less than a little none
Like some tombs and tomes old
Like the porridge first tasted by Goldilocks t{oo}hot
Lingerie item negligee
Lingerie item bra
Little amount atad
Lummox ape
Manipulate digitally knead
Mares' hairdos manes
Meddle pry
Miraculous food ma{nn}a
Mon ___ (Italian brand of chocolates with a French name) cheri
Musk who founded the Boring Company elon
National Automobile Museum locale reno
Network alternative cable
Noise produced by a spider? eek
Obstructed hindered
Of the Maldives, say asian
Offering from a dealer hand
On the level? {nn}{oo}{tt}tobetrusted
One of the heroes of 'The Avengers' who has no superpowers emmapeel
One sharing intelligence ally
Ones referred to HR hirees
Opposite of a vicious circle? halo
Optical ___ disc
Pendant's place neck
People ruled by the emperor Pachacuti inca
Perrier rival, or green in reverse evian
Piece near a nest egg? twig
Preserve, as in Word save
Protagonist of 'The Vampire Diaries' elena
Put down laid
Put down steaks, say ate
Reached a{tt}ained
Reduce pare
Repudiate deny
Rhyming bar order paleale
Rise on the ground hill
Rock concert souvenir stub
See 11 Down step
Seep {oo}ze
Send to the House, say elect
Shelties' shelters ke{nn}els
Skilled in g{oo}dat
Snide comment gibe
Social station caste
Some foes of orcs men
Spelling mistake on a spelling bee trophy, e.g irony
Spun creations tales
Starbucks purchases la{tt}es
State tree of Texas pecan
Static phenomenon cling
Stop waffling decide
Takes back regains
Temple attendees of the past, say alums
The 3 of 'mate in 3' moves
They have visions seers
Ticks off irks
Title for many a 'Game of Thrones' character lady
Tons {oo}dles
Took notice abruptly satup
Upholstered bench se{tt}ee
Upright erect
Water-skiing apparatus ramp
Western film star, e.g.? badge
What caddies carry teas
Wimbledon boundaries baselines
With 28 Across, basic dance maneuver box
Write this answer at 54 Across, say err
www.american.___ edu
___ beans pinto
___ war trade
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