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Scrabble (US/Canada)
(10 pts)
Words with friends
(11 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD4)
(10 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD5)
(10 pts)
(11 pts)
(5 pts)
Scrabble (UK)
(10 pts)
Lexulous (US)
(11 pts)

Definitions of POWER in various dictionaries:

    • noun - possession of controlling influence
    • noun - (physics) the rate of doing work
    • noun - possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done
    • noun - (of a government or government official) holding an office means being in power
    • noun - one possessing or exercising power or influence or authority
    • noun - a mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself
    • noun - physical strength
    • noun - a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world
    • noun - a very wealthy or powerful businessman
    • verb - supply the force or power for the functioning of
    • The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.
    • Often powers.
    • Strength or force exerted or capable of being exerted; might.
    • The ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority.
    • A person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others: the western powers.
    • The might of a nation, political organization, or similar group.
    • Forcefulness; effectiveness: a novel of unusual power.
    • A large number or amount.
    • The energy or motive force by which a physical system or machine is operated: turbines turned by steam power; a sailing ship driven by wind power.
    • The capacity of a system or machine to operate: a vehicle that runs under its own power.
    • Electrical or mechanical energy, especially as used to assist or replace human energy.
    • Electricity supplied to a home, building, or community: a storm that cut off power to the whole region.
    • The rate at which work is done, expressed as the amount of work per unit time and commonly measured in units such as the watt and horsepower.
    • Electricity.
    • The product of applied potential difference and current in a direct-current circuit.
    • The product of the effective values of the voltage and current with the cosine of the phase angle between current and voltage in an alternating-current circuit.
    • Mathematics.
    • The number of elements in a finite set.
    • The probability of rejecting the null hypothesis where it is false.
    • The sixth of the nine orders of angels.
    • An armed force.
    • Of or relating to political, social, or economic control: a power struggle; a power base.
    • Operated with mechanical or electrical energy in place of bodily exertion: a power tool; power car windows.
    • Of or relating to the generation or transmission of electricity: power companies; power lines.
    • Of or relating to influential business or professional practices: a pinstriped suit with a power tie; met with high-level executives at a power breakfast.
    • verb - to provide with means of propulsion


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There are 5 letters in POWER: E O P R W

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