How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 31 2003

"Abou Ben Adhem" poet HUNT
"All My Ex's Live in Texas" singer GEORGESTRAIT
"Angela's ---" ASHES
"Curses!" DRAT
"Puppy Love" singer ANKA
"That's What Friends Are For" first name ELTON
"Well, whaddya know!" OHO
--- ball (alert) ONTHE
A way to descend RAPPEL
A.A. Milne bear POOH
Abbreviated Latin phrase ETAL
Afternoon rest SIESTA
Aleutian island ATTU
Alphabet ender, somewhere ZED
Angora's coat MOHAIR
Apartment, e.g. UNIT
Asian weight equal to 1.3 ounces TAEL
At a distance AFAR
Belief statement CREDO
Bewildered INAFOG
Big fat mouth TRAP
Bombastic declamation RANT
Border neatener EDGER
Boss on a shield UMBO
Brainy bunch MENSA
Breakfast rasher BACON
Brick material, sometimes CLAY
Buddhist shrine STUPA
Castle with many steps IRENE
Cavernous place? CARLSBAD
Center of Disney EPCOT
Certain piece of jewelry ANKLET
Certain space station SKYLAB
Coffeehouse treat SCONE
Common blood group TYPEO
Cost of a call, once DIME
Creature's home, in film LAGOON
Crumbly cheese FETA
Cuban export RUM
Cubbyholes NICHES
Decrease gradually WANE
Dramatic dances TANGOS
Drill insertion BIT
Either of two wives of Henry VIII ANNE
Emptiness VOID
Emulates Pericles ORATES
Epitome of clarity? DAY
Failing to understand MISSINGTHEBOAT
Field's Norma RAE
First light DAWN
Fishy eggs ROE
Former U.S. capital NYC
Goose eggs ZEROS
Hankers YENS
Heaven on earth EDEN
High schooler, e.g. TEEN
Hip buddy BRO
Hit the ceiling, e.g. IDIOM
Hog's stash HOARD
Hospital ward ICU
Hummer forerunner JEEP
Indian prince RAJA
Ingvar Kamprad's company IKEA
Israel's airline ELAL
It can provide a moving experience VAN
It's dull and painful ACHE
It's enough to make you cry ONION
It's rendered by a rescuer AID
Kind of circle or tube INNER
Large-beaked tropical bird HORNBILL
Leaning ATILT
Letter that requires no postage EMAIL
Like a neatnik TIDY
Like dead weight INERT
Like some infections VIRAL
Like some seats or pools HEATED
Like the circulatory system VASCULAR
Little hopper TOAD
Louise of "Gilligan's Island" TINA
Loving leader? EVER
Low ship deck ORLOP
Machiavellian SLY
Maker of cameras and copiers CANON
Mama of note CASS
Modern ID form DNA
Moon goddess DIANA
Much less than decent LEWD
Name-tag word HELLO
Neither conjunction NOR
Nipper's letters RCA
No place for cotton-tipped swabs INNEREARCANAL
Noble one EARL
Not just UNFAIR
Not on the lee side WINDWARD
Oft-replaced joint HIP
On the Pacific ASEA
One in an alley PIN
One of a watery quintet ERIE
One who needs a lift SKIER
Otherwise ELSE
Overflowed TEEMED
Oxford width EEE
Paul's harmonizing partner ART
Place for coffee CANISTER
Place for important signatures TREATY
Place to see "The Twilight Zone" SCIFICHANNEL
Prefix for "liberal" or "conservative" NEO
Prefix for center EPI
Printing copy, briefly REPRO
Procrastinator's utterance MANANA
Pronoun for two OUR
Pump choice DIESEL
Really bug RILE
Refined taste ELEGANCE
River through Devon EXE
Rooftop rooster VANE
Rub the wrong way IRK
San Diego-to-Albuquerque dir. ENE
Search deeply (with "into") DELVE
Sellout sign SRO
Set your sights AIM
Shakespearean subject CAESAR
Shiraz locale IRAN
Shrek, e.g. OGRE
Site of a University of California campus IRVINE
Six, e.g. EVEN
Slender figure? ONE
Slow-cooked dish STEW
Soft ball NERF
Spruced up NEATENED
Strongly scented plant RUE
Takes into a count? ADDS
Talent hound SCOUT
Tempura choice SHRIMP
Three-toed creature RHEA
Tough situation BIND
Toward the rear, at sea ASTERN
Unbridgeable disparity GULF
Vein extraction ORE
Vexation IRE
Virtual stand-in AVATAR
Voice vote NAY
Was punished by pirates WALKEDTHEPLANK
Wasn't exactly brave RAN
Winning roll at Caesar's palace? VII
Wire measure MIL
With the bow, to a violinist ARCO
Woolly-haired mammal LLAMA
Yellow-flowering shrub ACACIA
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