How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 09 2001

"Copy that" ROGER
"Harper Valley ___" (hit of 1968) PTA
"Love, Reign ___ Me" (Who song) OER
"The Iron Horse" Gehrig LOU
"___ Little Indians" (Christie classic) TEN
''--- the line!'' TOE
''Alas'' accompaniment SIGH
''Aren't ___ lucky one!'' ITHE
''Bambi'' character ENA
''Cannery Row'' character DORA
''Capita'' go-with PER
''Cast Away'' star HANKS
''Deck the Halls'' contraction TIS
''Fahrenheit 9/11'' target BUSH
''Movin' ---'' (''The Jeffersons'' theme) ONUP
''Never mind'' notation STET
''Six ___, half a dozen ...'' OFONE
''That's how it is, eh?'' ISEE
''The ___ Limits'' OUTER
''Time --- My Side'' (Rolling Stones) ISON
''___ bodkins!'' ODS
--- Spumante ASTI
180 deg. from WSW ENE
A bit unsettling EERIE
AAA's opposite? EEE
Abbr. at JFK ARR
ABC competitor CBS
Accede DEFER
Acquiescent answers YESES
Act of Contrition ender AMEN
Actor Milo of ''Barbarella'' OSHEA
Aerobics garment LEOTARD
Aggregate ENTIRE
Airport abbr. ARR
Almost boils SCALDS
Alternative to smoking NON
Amateur's antonym PRO
An Italian cuisine PASTA
And others, briefly ETAL
Archaeologist's locale DIGS
Argentine first lady EVITA
Asia Minor region IONIA
Athletic competition MEET
Bad time for Caesar IDES
Bambino TYKE
Barcelona bull ELTORO
Basic verb, to Ovid ESSE
Beetle's sound? BEEP
Between islands ASEA
Big coffee holder URN
Black-and-white pig HAMPSHIRE
Blue preceder or follower NILE
Blunder GOOF
Boas' cousins STOLES
Bombay, today MUMBAI
Book of The Flood GENESIS
Bosc or Bartlett PEAR
Bridge distance SPAN
British length units METRES
Brunch staples EGGS
Bucolic waterway BABBLINGBROOK
Bug with a loud love call CICADA
Builder at Cuzco INCA
Business card abbr. TEL
Carve with acid ETCH
Casual eatery BISTRO
Caught on camera TAPED
Caviar ROE
Ceramicist's medium TILE
Certain laundry worker IRONER
Chalcedony AGATE
Cheerful tunes LILTS
Chocolate-frosted treat ECLAIR
Classic TV's Cousin ___ ITT
Clean up BATHE
Col. Potter of ''M*A*S*H,'' to pals SHERM
Columbus' birthplace GENOA
Compete (for) VIE
Consequently THUS
Continuation of 35-Across LEAVETHELIGHTON
Converts hide into leather TANS
Cousin of a beluga ORCA
Cow's chew CUD
Creates MAKES
D-Day objective STLO
Dash gauge TACH
De-wrinkle IRON
Debate side PRO
Deck mop SWAB
Dentist's brand, perhaps ORALB
Dictionary topic USAGE
Donkey features EARS
Dope on a horse TIP
Dreyer's partner in ice cream EDY
Drink with an extended pinkie SIP
Earth is one ORB
Easily maneuverable, as a vessel YARE
Eighth Greek letter THETA
Elbow-wrist connectors ULNAE
Empty ___ (many seniors) NESTERS
End of sentiment THEROADTAKEIT
Enjoy a smorgasbord EAT
Estate beneficiary HEIR
European volcano ETNA
Exactly vertical PLUMB
Exchange SWAP
Far East housemaid AMAH
Fasting period LENT
Female cheviot EWE
Feminizing suffix ENNE
Fill for a spare mattress AIR
Financial auditor's designation CPA
First name in cookies AMOS
First name in women's tennis BILLIE
First name of sentiment's author YOGI
Flat plates LAMINAE
Flimsiest TINNIEST
Florence's river ARNO
Frees from RIDSOF
Gargantuan EPIC
German river RHEIN
Got on, as a train TOOK
Grad student's project THESIS
Guidelines for a politician TALKINGPOINTS
Gutter locale EAVE
Guys' dates GALS
Half a mountaineering expedition ASCENT
Have liabilities OWE
Hinny's mother ASS
Holman or Turner NAT
Honolulu neckwear LEI
Honolulu souvenir LEI
Hoofbeat sound CLOP
Hooks up or lays down, e.g. INSTALLS
Husband's casual statement to his wife LETSGOOUTTONITE
In the Bible, Ruth's mother-in-law NAOMI
In ___ (befuddled) AFOG
Indians can be found there ASIA
Inner city concern SLUM
Intrinsically PERSE
Inventor Whitney ELI
Is up BATS
It comes with strings attached VIOLA
It gets into hot water TEABAG
It may be burning DESIRE
It may be for two TEA
It may precede the sharing a of secret PSST
It's one step behind vice? VERSA
It's worn while driving TREAD
JFK --- Airport INTL
Journalists' quests ANGLES
Kaiser who forced Bismarck's resignation WILHELM
Kilmer classic TREES
Kind of bag TOTE
Kins' partners KITHS
Kissers MUGS
Land bordering the Black Sea CRIMEA
Last name of sentiment's author BERRA
Latter-day accts.? IRAS
Leader of The Chipmunks ALVIN
Lender's security LIEN
Lets touch it? NET
Lifting the spirits ELEVATING
Light, custard-filled cake GATEAU
Lightning attractor ROD
Like Bataan in World War II RETAKEN
Liquid sediment DREG
Listen to a recording PLAYBACK
Little leftovers ORTS
Long, long time EON
Looking at FACING
Lummox OAF
Major TV maker RCA
Make hems SEW
Middle of sentiment ATAFORKIN
Miss the mark ERR
Moneymakers for ex-presidents SPEAKINGTOURS
Monopoly avenue PARK
Monte of the New York Giants IRVIN
More difficult to collect RARER
More prepared READIER
More than forgetful SENILE
More-than-healthy sense of self EGO
Motor elements STATORS
Mouse target ICON
Musher's vehicle SLED
Nabokov novel ADA
Napoleonic and depression ERAS
Nautical pole SPAR
NJ's I-95, e.g. TNPK
No balance due on delivery PREPAID
Noted matchmaker NOAH
Notoriety REPUTE
Officeholders INS
One of Chekhov's ''Three Sisters'' OLGA
One of classic TV's Huxtables CLAIR
One of the Barbary States ALGERIA
One official language of India HINDI
One way to avoid an accident SWERVE
One way, on a swing FRO
One-person performances SOLI
Org. that serves retirees SSA
Palindromic ship deck POOP
Pitcher's pride ARM
Pitcher's rubber SLAB
Place for a plug EAR
Place to put some leaves TEAPOT
Plants of the parsley family ANISES
Play for a fool DELUDE
Popular restaurant chain, familiarly IHOP
Possible destination for Jack and Jill WELL
Pre-fax communiqué TELEGRAM
Principle or belief DOGMA
Printer's buys INKS
Pro bono UNPAID
Proverbial back breaker STRAW
Puppy talk YAP
Puts up, as a painting HANGS
Queens stadium name ASHE
Question from a bombing comic ISTHISTHINGON
Quieted CALMED
Raise a glass to TOAST
Raised the hackles ANGERED
Refuses to admit DENIES
Relative of a giraffe OKAPI
Rest cure locale SPA
Restorative resort SPA
Safecrackers YEGGS
Santiago University town CALI
Sedimentary stuff SILT
Setting for ''Hansel and Gretel'' WOODS
She spawns fawns DOE
Shout to a timid DJ? PUMPUPTHEVOLUME
Singles in suits? ACES
Sinister EVIL
Slangy assent YEP
Slopes in Scotland BRAES
Social no-nos TABOOS
Some beachwear THONGS
Something cons do TIME
Something snobs put on AIRS
Something that's wreaked HAVOC
Spanish vacation site, perhaps ISLA
Speed-skating champion Gustafson SVEN
Start of a sentiment by 68-Across WHENYOUARRIVE
Stead LIEU
Steeped beverage TEA
Sticky stuff GOO
Straight beater FLUSH
Stud fees ANTES
Subs in tubs OLEOS
Superlatively profound DEEPEST
Take off in a hurry HIE
Take up the slack TAUTEN
Tennis great ASHE
The blue of a baby blue IRIS
The Man, in baseball STAN
The Verizon pitchman's query CANYOUHEARMENOW
They hang around the fireplace POKERS
They make for a neat walk EDGERS
They may be coffee or jelly BEANS
They're dubbed SIRS
They're grounded in Australia EMUS
Things taken at a sporting event SIDES
Think up INVENT
Third canonicalàhour TIERCE
This might be blown, figuratively GASKET
Till pile TENS
Tilting ASLANT
Time for les vacances ETE
Topology figures TORI
Totally absorbed RAPT
Tussaud of wax MARIE
TV's "___ Team" THEA
U.K. defense arm RAF
Ump relative REF
Unit of hope RAY
Unstressed vowels SCHWAS
Vanna turnover ANI
Vegetable with pods used in cookery SNOWPEA
Village inhabitants TOWNFOLK
Vocalized repulsion UGH
Vortexes EDDIES
Voyeur EYER
W rival ELLE
Wallaby's relative KANGAROO
Washroom appliance DRYER
Well-liked president? IKE
Wells' warring factions WORLDS
Went well together BLENT
What George couldn't tell ALIE
What platypuses lay EGGS
What Shirley Temple was in the '40s TEEN
Whisky drink SOUR
Wife's response to 17-Across (with 54-Across) IFYOUGETINFIRST
Woody's wife SOONYI
Word with gas or power STATION
Words with ''an era'' or ''the line'' ENDOF
Yards on the ground, e.g. STAT
Young lice NITS
___ into holy matrimony ENTER
___ of Man ISLE
___ the Giant of wrestling ANDRE
___-do-well NEER
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