How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Nov 19 2017

'60s hot spot NAM
'Bravo!' OLE
'Buffalo Stance' singer Cherry NENEH
'Didn't I tell you?' SEE
'Enchanted' girl in a 2004 film ELLA
'Not impressed' MEH
'The Ice Storm' director Lee ANG
'Things Fall Apart' novelist Chinua __ ACHEBE
'__ Nacht': German parting GUTE
'__, Sing America': Langston Hughes poem ITOO
1956 hot spot SUEZ
A, in Acapulco UNO
Assemble, as a computer system CONFIGURE
Attended WASAT
Biblical brother ABEL
Big celebration FEST
Big mouth MAW
Big name in spydom HARI
Big success HIT
Bluesman Redding OTIS
Brush aside IGNORE
Business TRADE
Bygone bird MOA
Bygone blade SNEE
Calf-roping loop NOOSE
Cambodian currency RIELS
Canadian tribe CREE
Cartoon genre ANIME
Challenge DARE
Checked out EYED
Code word DAH
Comic book artist's supply INDIAINK
Consequently THEN
Cremona crowd? TRE
Crisis of the middle ages? SAG
Custard concoction FLAN
Dagger-shaped editing marks OBELI
Deck (out) TOG
Deficiency LACK
Democratic donkey designer NAST
Dept. of Labor arm OSHA
Difficult position SPOT
Dilutes THINS
Ed.'s request SAE
Emeril catchword BAM
English race place ASCOT
Environmental activist ECOWARRIOR
Exhaust DRAIN
Experienced crew TARS
Eye affliction STYE
Fed up with a corporate VIP? BOREDOFTHECHAIRMAN
Ferrara family name ESTE
Firm in principle STAUNCH
Fish that can swim backwards EELS
Flour may be made with it SOY
German gentlemen HERREN
Going rate? ESTATETAX
Google Maps lines: Abbr STS
Gp. joined by Montenegro in 2017 NATO
Graffiti and such URBANART
Grocery section AISLE
Handles every objection? ANSWERSALLTHENOES
Hardly more than not at all ATAD
Healthful getaway SPA
Hearth residue ASH
Home to Napoli ITALIA
Hydrated magnesium sulfate EPSOMSALTS
In a strange way WEIRDLY
Irregularly notched EROSE
Islamic worshippers SHIITES
Italy's largest port GENOA
IV league? RNS
J.Lo's main squeeze AROD
Japanese beer brand ASAHI
Kool-Aid alternative HIC
Lao Tzu's 'way' TAO
Like a yenta NOSY
Like cornstalks EARED
Like the most popular beaches SANDIEST
Lined up, with 'in' AROW
Lingerie item BRA
Lodge STOW
Mechanically, after 'by' ROTE
Mercury astronaut Cooper, to friends GORDO
Middle X or O TAC
Mining haul ORES
More than tickle SLAY
Mrs. Addams, to Gomez TISH
Nada, across the Pyrenees RIEN
Noble title LORD
Nonstick cooking spray PAM
Nova Scotia hrs AST
Original Dungeons & Dragons co TSR
Part of Kurdistan is in it IRAN
Paternity suit evidence DNA
Payment made each mo UTIL
Plant life FLORA
Press release? WINE
Principal ARCH
Proverb about creeps getting their just deserts? TIMEWOUNDSALLHEELS
Prynne's stigma REDA
Reacted skittishly to SHIEDAT
RSA ruling party ANC
Screen __ GRAB
See 1-Across TOMIND
Shades-wearing TV cousin ITT
Small partnership TWO
Social classes CASTES
Spars during dance music? PUNCHESTOTHEBEAT
Start playing for money GOPRO
Street fleet CABS
Strong request BEHEST
Surgeon's patient? TREE
Tickled AMUSED
Tidal extreme LOWWATER
Trail access aid SKITOW
Trick joint? KNEE
Troy, N.Y., tech school RPI
UFO crew, so it's said ETS
Ultra-aloof type COLDFISH
Very funny one RIOT
Vinegary ACID
Vintner's prefix OENO
Website for techies CNET
Western wolf LOBO
Whaler's direction THAR
What's at the heart of every calzone? ZEE
Winter cord WOOD
With 22- and 126-Across, saying about the difficulty of dieting? AWAIST
World Heritage Site org UNESCO
WWII command ETO
You don't have to face the music to do it LISTEN
__ agreement ORAL
__ Aviv TEL
__ Friday's TGI
__-Coburg: former German duchy SAXE
__-Roman wrestling GRECO
'Chess' piece? scene
'Excellent bit of wordplay, you clever hammerhead'? greatwitshark
'I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman': Vera ___ wang
'I've cracked the case!' aha
'Let It Go' singer McGraw's trash? wasteoftim
'Project Runway' host Heidi klum
'Runaway Bride' star Roberts took it easy? juliachilled
'So Big' author Ferber edna
'Spartan' star Kilmer val
'Stay Tuned' star John, when he plays an athlete? sportsritter
'___ down!' sit
'___ here!' over
39 Down, e.g pole
40 Down on a ship spar
98 Down hrs est
Actuary's information data
Anomalous odd
Apples with apps ipads
As late as til
Asian royal title rani
Atomic ___ age
Avian nickname of Aquila (Altair's constellation) theeagle
Ballerina performing for architect Maya? lindancer
Banded marbles agates
Be expressive, on stage emote
Bit of silliness antic
Boastful bird? crow
Boxer Laila whose last name is spelled backward in LAILA ali
Build on addto
Business people staff
Butchering of language, e.g misuse
Chicago team, informally dabears
Colorful pond denizen koi
Common mixers sodas
Composure poise
Condé who once owned House & Garden nast
Cover-up at a barbecue apron
Creature that resembles a lamprey eel
Declare confidently aver
Diamond in the sky kite
Doomlands gun maker nerf
Dunce's display idiocy
Easily vexed testy
Eddie's sister on 'Family Matters' laura
Emollient source aloe
End of an ultimatum else
Exclamation of exasperation gah
Facts : ___ :: food : body (analogy per Edmund Burke) mind
Faint amounts traces
Feature of Disney's Ariel or Merida redhair
Final Four souvenir net
Fitness Magazine tidbit diettip
Flier seen during WWI, say airace
Fountain ___ pen
From the start anew
Gastropub orders ales
Get a whiff of smell
Grp. that Montenegro joined in June 2017 nato
Hate with the fiery passion of a thousand suns loathe
Hear, as a case try
Hit hard swatted
Home of North Carolina State University raleigh
Home of the Palazzo delle Vedove pisa
Housing projections eaves
Illinois city where Jake was imprisoned in 'The Blues Brothers' joliet
Is awesome, in slang rocks
Ketchup bottle name heinz
Laser and Taser, e.g acronyms
Led Zeppelin drummer John bonham
Like some corn canned
Like some voters absentee
Loaded, as a computer game file restored
Logician's conjunction ergo
Lugubrious sad
Maestro from Mumbai mehta
Make a commitment vow
Make ravenous starve
Malfunctions actsup
Massage parlor stock oils
Means of protection against invasion moat
Method of viewing black-and-white beasts at the zoo from far away pandacam
Monopolist's share all
Mr. Goodbar ingredient peanut
Music festival shelter tent
NBA Hall of Famer Unseld wes
Noise from a toy train toot
Offer reparation (for) atone
Offerings to the needy alms
Orwellian laborers proles
Palindromic name that becomes another palindromic name when you add an N ana
Parent of Zipcar avis
Part of a Buddhist title dalai
Part of a WWII fleet uboat
Perform an evaluation assess
Performs satisfactorily cutsit
Pianist Hess myra
Pilaf pasta, perhaps orzo
Place for many folders email
Play to the crowd pander
Post-defense conferral phd
Prepared gotset
Prepared planned
Put change in one's pocket? alter
Put your tongue on a ticking device's inner machinery? lickclockwork
Regular season starter opener
Relentless routine ratrace
Rick's son on 'The Walking Dead' carl
Ricky portrayer desi
Run without moving idle
Sailing atsea
Sch. by the Rio Grande utep
Seek answers ask
Seismological detection tremor
Shaded hued
Show elation, in a way clap
Signal for a navigator beacon
Singer James or Jack ingram
Small bone to pick with a trio of pooches? threedognit
Small songbirds tits
Solar emissions rays
Something to browse site
Start of a DIY manual stepone
Starter list menu
Stop bath component acid
Summer class? math
Swerve, as on icy roads fishtail
Swing legend Shaw artie
Thanksgiving finale pie
They make cents mints
Things stuck in clogs? feet
Title role for Madonna evita
To date asyet
Tomb raider's concern trap
Triumphs from finishing one's final courses? dessertwins
U.S. newcomers' subj esl
Unexpected problem snag
Urgent message letters asap
Water vessel pail
What baby basketball players dunk on? nurseryrim
Where arms and legs grow? limbtrees
Widow of King Hussein noor
Words of celebration ode
Zen master's paradox koan
___ bicycle tandem
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