How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 22 2017

''A fool and __ money . . .'' HIS
''Amscray!'' SCAT
''For what __ worth . . .'' ITS
''Hasta la vista!'' ADIOS
''Madam Secretary'' airer CBSTV
''Olympia'' painter MANET
''Over the Rainbow'' composer ARLEN
''Seinfeld'' character ELAINE
''Selma'' director DuVernay AVA
''The Sopranos'' restaurateur ARTIE
3-D exam MRI
Accused's explanation ALIBI
Actress Kendrick ANNA
Alphabetic trio STU
Animation collectible CEL
Anise-flavored liqueur SAMBUCA
As well TOO
ATM entry PIN
Become weary SAG
Bingo player's purchase CARD
Bistro handout MENU
Blended family member STEPDAD
Boring tool AUGER
Caddie's suggestion CLUB
California wine city LODI
Campsite residue ASH
Captain's journal LOG
Chocolatier's vessel VAT
City on the Rio Grande LAREDO
Collector's completions SETS
Collector's list WANTS
Constantly EVER
Convent figure NUN
Cowell of reality shows SIMON
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Dagwood's wife BLONDIE
Daisy look-alikes ASTERS
Dallas hoopster MAV
Dancing-shoe attachment TAP
Database software function SORT
Desert springs OASES
Director Howard RON
Dispose of SCRAP
DJIA tech company IBM
Dovetail part MORTISE
Drone plane's lack PILOT
Dwarf planet beyond Mars CERES
E-file preparer CPA
Ecuadorean export OIL
Exist ARE
Expected in DUE
Extreme acquisitiveness AVARICE
Fails to be ISNT
Faucet failings DRIPS
Field measure ACRE
Film with steeds and saloons OATER
Film's orchestral music SCORE
Finishes with ENDSON
Former senator Lott TRENT
Four-song CDs EPS
French designer DIOR
Garage descriptor ONECAR
Get ready PREP
Go bad ROT
Govt. property overseer GSA
Grandmas NANAS
Grisham alma mater OLEMISS
Group to be auctioned LOT
Had something ATE
Hair annoyance TANGLE
Half a figure eight ESS
Harry Potter's Quidditch position SEEKER
Hear clearly GET
Holiday preceder EVE
Hyundai rival KIA
Indulge, with ''to'' CATER
Irish county CLARE
It's mined for bronze TINORE
Just __ (not much) AMITE
Kennel client PET
Kind of study aid MNEMONICDEVICE
Large family TRIBE
Lithium-__ battery ION
Lobe locale EAR
Longest-serving SENIOR
Loses for a time MISLAYS
Make a foe of ALIENATE
Multitude THRONG
Nestling's noise CHEEP
No longer chic OUT
Not as remote NEARER
Not well-lit DIM
Obstinate equines ASSES
Outburst CRY
Outer edge RIM
Outpouring SPATE
Pangs while fasting GNAWINGHUNGER
Part of BTU UNIT
Phi Beta Kappa and kin HONORSOCIETIES
Piano technician TUNER
Pistachio portions SCOOPS
Pit of a plum NUTLET
Place for picnicking PARK
Play on words PUN
Plunder ROB
Prefix for bodies ANTI
Produced for the theater STAGED
Protein source EGG
Purchase for the present WRAPPINGPAPER
Pushes forward IMPELS
Put into practice USE
Red-tagged, maybe ONSALE
Rescue dog, for example ADOPTEE
Rock concert lights LASERS
Room to relax in DEN
Rooms in a ''casa'' SALAS
Scopes Trial attorney DARROW
Second attempt REDO
Sicilian hot spot ETNA
Size up ASSESS
Skillet-like utensil SAUTEPAN
Small train or truck TOY
Something seen IMAGE
Sprite alternative SEVENUP
Start of MGM's motto ARS
Support the team ROOT
Swindle or swindler CON
Title characters of nine sci-fi films APES
Title used by Uncle Remus BRER
Tools with teeth SAWS
Unknown ones NONAMES
Unpaid TV spots PSAS
Venerable NBC weekend show SNL
Verb forms TENSES
Volunteer's offer LETME
Washes against LAPSAT
Weasel's weapons CLAWS
Wedding attendant USHER
Where spokes meet HUB
With everything in place NEAT
With sincerity TRULY
Zing PEP
__ Luis Obispo, CA SAN
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