How many letters in the Answer?

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'Beverly Hills Cop' star eddiemurphy
'Cabaret' director bobfosse
'Carmen' and 'Elektra' operas
'Don't fall for that!' itsatrap
'Hang on —' asec
'How's that?' huh
'I'm cold!' brr
'Kewl!' rad
'Pshaw!' fie
'Qué —?' (Spanish greeting) pasa
'Runaway' short-story writer alicemunro
'Slow down!' whoa
'Terrific!' super
'Ticklish' doll elmo
'Tuesdays With Morrie' author Mitch albom
'Uh-huh' yep
'You Needed Me' singer annemurray
'— Enuff' (1986 top 10 hit) tuff
'— me?' ('Whadja say?') scuse
'— sleeping dogs lie' let
1961-68 defense secretary Robert mcnamara
Acorns, e.g seeds
Antique item relic
At the crest atop
Beelzebub satan
Big Apple sch nyu
Big heads egos
Big name in life insurance aetna
Big name in transmission repair aamco
Blind as — abat
Bridal vow ido
Bungles errs
Burden onus
Bygone U.S. gas name esso
Cager Curry seth
Canonized nun of Assisi stclare
Ceremonial routines rites
Chicago's business district theloop
Christians' — Creed nicene
Clung cohered
Commas indicate them pauses
Competitor of Chanel coty
Constructed made
Crop further retrim
D-backs, on scoreboards ari
Detroit-to-Toronto dir ene
Dialect suffix ese
Dogma ism
Dr.'s study med
Edged (out) nosed
Edible fungus cultivated in felled logs shiitakemushroom
Egyptian god of the dead osiris
Egyptian — (cat breed) mau
Embellishes enriches
Ending for press ure
Equine beast ass
Every 24 hours onceaday
Fancy affair gala
Fitness pioneer Jack lalanne
Fond du — lac
Former JFK carrier twa
Game plays moves
German linking word und
Get mellower age
Giant statues colossi
Gift stick-on tag
Grind, as teeth gnash
Guinea- — (African country) bissau
Hematite, for one ironore
Hex- ending ane
Hit song whose title means 'kiss me a lot' besamemucho
Hybrid bus. entity llc
In a smooth, lustrous way silkily
Instant, in some product names redi
Klutzy guy oaf
Kobe sashes obis
Letters on a radio switch amfm
Lipstick slip smear
Litigious sort suer
Locality area
Lubricates oils
Mixed college squad coedteam
Month no. 10 oct
Nos. on bank statements accts
Notion, to Gigi idee
Novelist Ferber edna
Org. dues-payer mem
Output of R.E.M. or Nirvana alternativemusic
Pal of Hook smee
Pantry pest ant
Perlman of 'Hellboy' ron
Pindar works odes
Pledges sureties
Police officers' sickout blueflu
Pop singer Vannelli gino
Portly fat
Prefix with 53-Across eco
Put back to 000, perhaps reset
Quaint formal letter opener dearsirs
RandB great Marvin gaye
Raven's cry caw
Reactions to baby pictures aws
Really love adore
Relative of an I-beam hbar
Result of an error in DNA replication genemutation
Roman 56 lvi
Roof edge eave
Run- — (rap trio) dmc
Scam con
Senator Feinstein dianne
Shoulder frill epaulet
Sites of bliss edens
Spanish muralist Joan miro
Spyro — (jazz band) gyra
Statement about the bird hidden in nine answers in this puzzle itllneverfly
Studying secondarily, with 'in' minoring
Stuff swept away in a downpour rainwash
Stylishness chic
Summer, in Brittany ete
Swab in a makeup kit qtip
Swallowed ate
T, in Greece tau
T.Sgts., e.g ncos
Talk to flirtatiously, to a Brit chatup
Telephone connections tielines
Tiers echelons
Tostada relative taco
Tree cultivated to feed silkworms whitemulberry
Tribal figure totem
Trio after Q rst
Triumph success
Truck processions convoys
Ukr., Est. or Lith., once ssr
Vegan staple tofu
Vientiane native laotian
Vintage car reo
Wallach of 'Article 99' eli
What a 'discovery center' may be sciencemuseum
What trig often is for calc prereq
Wrote penned
— -Rooter roto
— and bred born
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