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Scrabble (US/Canada)
(10 pts)
Words with friends
(11 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD4)
(10 pts)
Official Scrabble (OSPD5)
(10 pts)
(10 pts)
(4 pts)
Scrabble (UK)
(10 pts)
Lexulous (US)
(11 pts)

Definitions of MARK in various dictionaries:

    • noun - a number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance)
    • noun - a distinguishing symbol
    • noun - a reference point to shoot at
    • noun - a visible indication made on a surface
    • noun - the impression created by doing something unusual or extraordinary that people notice and remember
    • noun - a symbol of disgrace or infamy
    • noun - formerly the basic unit of money in Germany
    • noun - Apostle and companion of Saint Peter
    • noun - a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of
    • noun - a written or printed symbol (as for punctuation)
    • noun - a perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened)
    • noun - the shortest of the four Gospels in the New Testament
    • noun - an indication of damage
    • noun - a marking that consists of lines that cross each other
    • noun - something that exactly succeeds in achieving its goal
    • verb - attach a tag or label to
    • verb - designate as if by a mark
    • verb - be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait
    • verb - mark by some ceremony or observation
    • verb - make or leave a mark on
    • verb - to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful
    • verb - notice or perceive
    • verb - mark with a scar
    • verb - make small marks into the surface of
    • verb - establish as the highest level or best performance
    • verb - make underscoring marks
    • verb - remove from a list
    • verb - put a check mark on or near or next to
    • verb - assign a grade or rank to, according to one's evaluation
    • verb - insert punctuation marks into
    • A visible trace or impression, such as a line or spot.
    • A sign, such as a cross, made in lieu of a signature.
    • A written or printed symbol used for punctuation; a punctuation mark.
    • A number, letter, or symbol used to indicate various grades of academic achievement: got a mark of 95 instead of 100.
    • Often marks.
    • An inscription, name, stamp, label, or seal placed on an article to signify ownership, quality, manufacture, or origin.
    • A notch in an animal’s ear or hide indicating ownership.
    • Nautical.
    • A knot or piece of material placed at various measured lengths on a lead line to indicate the depth of the water.
    • A Plimsoll mark.
    • A distinctive trait or property: Good manners are the mark of a civilized person.
    • A lasting effect: The experience had left its mark.
    • A recognized standard of quality: schoolwork that is not up to the mark.
    • Importance; prominence: “a fellow of no mark nor likelihood” (Shakespeare).
    • Notice; attention: a matter unworthy of mark.
    • A target: “A mounted officer would be a conspicuous mark” (Ambrose Bierce).
    • Something that one wishes to achieve; a goal.
    • An object or a point that serves as a guide.
    • A person who is the intended victim of a swindler; a dupe.
    • The place from which racers begin and sometimes end their contest.
    • A point reached or gained: the halfway mark of the race.
    • A record: set a new mark in the long jump.
    • Sports.
    • A strike or spare in bowling.
    • A stationary ball in lawn bowling; a jack.
    • A boundary between countries.
    • A tract of land in medieval England and Germany held in common by a community.
    • A character or feature in a file or record used to locate a specific point or condition.
    • To make a visible trace or impression on, as with a spot, line, or dent.
    • To form, make, or depict by making a mark: marked a square on the board.
    • To supply with natural markings: gray fur that is marked with stripes.
    • To single out or indicate by or as if by a mark: marked the spot where the treasure was buried; a career marked for glory.
    • To distinguish or characterize: the exuberance that marks her writings; marked the occasion with celebrations.
    • To make conspicuous: a concert marking the composer’s 60th birthday.
    • To set off or separate by or as if by a line or boundary: marked off the limits of our property.
    • To attach or affix identification, such as a price tag or maker’s label, to.
    • To evaluate (academic work) according to a scale of letters and numbers.
    • To give attention to; notice: Mark her expression of discontent.
    • To take note of in writing; write down: marked the appointment on my calendar.
    • To record (the score) in various games.
    • To make a visible impression: This pen will mark under water.
    • To receive a visible impression: The floor marks easily.
    • To keep score.
    • To determine academic grades: a teacher who marks strictly.
    • Archaic.
    • To deface by covering with marks.
    • To mark for sale at a higher price.
    • To move the feet alternately in the rhythm of a marching step without advancing.
    • To suspend progress for the time being; wait in readiness.
    • The central meaning shared by these verbs is “to place a mark of identification on”: marked the furs with their place of origin; brand cattle; labeled the boxes on the shelf; tagging suitcases; ticketed the new merchandise.
    • An English and Scottish monetary unit that was equal to 13 shillings and 4 pence.
    • Any of several European units of weight that were equal to about 8 ounces (227 grams), used especially for weighing gold and silver.
    • verb - to make a visible impression on


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