How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 17 2011

"... ___ lender be" NORA
"Blast the luck!" DRAT
"Blazing Saddles" Oscar nominee Madeline KAHN
"In the Heat of the Night" star Rod STEIGER
"Keep your ___ the ball" EYEON
"Pretty maids all in ___" AROW
"What ___!" ("This place needs cleaning!") AMESS
1/36 of a yard INCH
7-11 game CRAPS
Accumulate AMASS
Adjective on many orange juice cartons PURE
Bad-blood situation FEUD
Base lullaby TAPS
Black-eyed edible PEA
Bussing quartet LIPS
Campfire oration TALE
Capital in the Himalayas LHASA
Carpal tunnel locale WRIST
Celebrated surrealist Max ERNST
Certain cleric IMAM
Colorado resort town ASPEN
Crack and redden in the cold CHAP
Daredevil Robbie's daredevil dad EVEL
Diego Rivera work MURAL
Difficult responsibility ONUS
Donut in a trunk SPARE
Election loser in 1996 DOLE
Eleventh zodiac sign's picture? IMAGEOFAQUARIUS
Elizabeth I's favorite ESSEX
End-of-proof letters QED
First temptation site EDEN
Forever and ever ALWAYS
Former "America's Funniest Home Videos" host Bob SAGET
Give off, as light EMIT
Glenn of "Fatal Attraction" CLOSE
Goes off course VEERS
Initials of the 34th president DDE
It may be bitter or hard to swallow PILL
Last word in many ultimatums ELSE
Like an obsessive collector AVID
Loathing HATRED
Losing consciousness ASWOON
Maine clothing company LLBEAN
Man the bar TEND
Many a low-budget film INDIE
Mom's command EAT
Net judge's call LET
Old sorcerer MAGE
Oldest capital city in the United States SANTAFE
Once, but not nowadays ERST
One cause for Steinem ERA
One on the fast track? SPRINTER
Part of a stock exchange? MOO
Pet safeguarding org SPCA
Place for fresh eggs NEST
Pole, for one SLAV
Prefix with "verse" or "cycle" UNI
Quick looks GLIMPSES
Remove a shoemaker from office? IMPEACHCOBBLER
Shuttlecock whacker RACKET
Sly-fox link ASA
Something snobs put on? AIRS
Son of Rebecca ESAU
Song that brings back memories OLDIE
Speak off the cuff ADLIB
Standards NORMS
Start of many bumper sticker slogans ILOVE
Suffering partner? PAIN
Table tennis necessity NET
Temporary stillness LULL
Ten-year prison sentence, in slang DIME
They're the life of the party GUESTS
Toy-sized toymaker ELF
Type of pickle DILL
Uses the pencil sharpener? IMPROVESAPOINT
Zinc ___ (sunblock substance) OXIDE
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