How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 25 2003

"A Christmas Carol" cry BAH
"Dynasty" character ALEXIS
"Fantasy Island" sighting PLANE
"Fine" follower ARTS
"I'm glad that's over!" PHEW
"I'm in the ___ for Love" MOOD
"___ Knowledge" (Jack Nicholson film) CARNAL
"___ nabbit!" DAG
"___ Shrugged" ATLAS
''--- Father, who art...'' OUR
''Some Like it ---'' HOT
--- Aviv, Israel TEL
--- Chi (Chinese martial art) TAI
--- guzzler GAS
--- Lanka SRI
--- rummy GIN
Abel's mother EVE
About 66 degrees south latitude ANTARCTICCIRCLE
Acquire by one's efforts EARN
All natural ORGANIC
Alternative to a saber EPEE
Army unit REGIMENT
Available to rent VACANT
Backsplash square TILE
Baklava ingredient HONEY
Barley-shaped pasta ORZO
Be in suspense HANG
Blue's opponent GRAY
Bring embarrassment to ABASH
Cabbage side dishes SLAWS
Campus cadet org. ROTC
Castle surrounding MOAT
Changes one's perspective TRIESANEWANGLE
Cheese coated in wax EDAM
China and Japan, e.g. FAREAST
Clog or sandal SHOE
Comes to the rescue AIDS
Contents of a sensitive layer OZONE
Counterfeit SHAM
Customary practices WONTS
Decorate again REDO
Deuce follower TREY
Devour completely EATUP
Did away with dragons SLEW
Dig for data DELVE
Do what you're told OBEY
Eject forcefully SPEW
Elevated habitat AERIE
Emulate Mr. Kotter TEACH
Emulate Otto Dix ETCH
Estimate the value of ASSESS
False god of the Old Testament BAAL
Fancy needle case ETUI
Fencing sword EPEE
Firearm filler AMMO
Folklore baddie OGRE
Forgoes trivialities GETSTOTHEPOINT
Forklift locale WAREHOUSE
Garment district purchase CLOTH
Gave help to AIDED
Geographical calculations AREAS
Get one's wires crossed ERR
Ghana neighbor TOGO
GM line OLDS
Gravy thickener ROUX
Grazing grounds LEA
Happy-go-lucky CAREFREE
Having two beats to the measure DUPLE
Head and shoulders cover SHAWL
Heralds' wands CADUCEI
Houdini feat ESCAPE
Hydroxybenzene PHENOL
If all goes according to plan ATBEST
Improvise musically VAMP
Indian pram-pusher AMAH
It operates by compression AIRGUN
Jordanian's neighbor SAUDI
Knock senseless STUN
Like the proverbial church mouse POOR
Lord Nelson statue site TRAFALGARSQUARE
Make a hole bigger REAM
Maker of the first mechanical cash registers NCR
Milky Way creator MARS
Minuscule amount IOTA
Mixed in with AMONG
Model partner? MAKE
More emaciated GAUNTER
Mr. Gynt PEER
Newsworthy time ERA
Number of apocalyptic horsemen FOUR
Olympic basketball team USA
Packs tightly CRAMS
Painted Desert features MESAS
Palm Sunday transportation ASS
Partner of Rolls ROYCE
Pass off, as sweat EGEST
Pepsi alternative COKE
Playful mammal OTTER
Poetic Pound EZRA
Polanski flick TESS
Polluted air SMOG
Pouty looks MOUES
Pueblo dweller ZUNI
Really long time EON
Remove, to the printer DELE
Revived a dying flame RELIT
Sampras serve, often ACE
Santa ---, Calif. ANA
School on the Seine LYCEE
Scraps of food ORTS
Separate, as flour or ashes SIFT
Serengeti critter GNU
Shot in the dark GUESS
Sine --- non QUA
Site of many disappearances BERMUDATRIANGLE
Skirt with a flare ALINE
Some airport VIP areas CLUBROOMS
Some of the kinfolk AUNTS
Spanish water AGUA
Speaks the unvarnished truth LAYSITONTHELINE
Spinning toy YOYO
Stir-fry utensils WOKS
Subject of adoration IDOL
Surgical bypass tube SHUNT
Surprise in the plot TWIST
Take the act on the road TOUR
Tehran bucks RIALS
The Chiffons' "___ So Fine" HES
The Green Giant's sidekick SPROUT
They make statements BANKS
Toledo's lake ERIE
Trash can emanation ODOR
Trusted adviser GURU
Turn, in chess MOVE
Unit of laundry LOAD
Utter indistinctly SLUR
Vanquish, as a dragon SLAY
Vega's constellation LYRA
Via the mouth ORAL
Vietnam's --- Van Thieu NGUYEN
Villainous look SNEER
Vivien of "Gone With the Wind" LEIGH
Way to read or think ALOUD
Where some dye for a living SALON
Willow rod OSIER
Without repetition ONCE
Wooden-soled shoe CLOG
Word between two last names NEE
Word with movie or theatre GOER
Word with souci or serif SANS
___ Scotia NOVA
___-inspiring (spectacular) AWE
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