How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Oct 20 2018

'Every kiss begins...' jewelry chain kay
'Made ___' (product label) inusa
'Mr. Robot' protagonist elliot
'Much appreciated,' in texts thanx
'Take this' here
'That's all ___' iask
'Therefore...' andso
2001 #1 song by Jennifer Lopez imreal
Absorbent fabric terry
Allocates, as time devotes
Anatolian Civilizations Museum site ankara
Anna of 'True Blood' paquin
Annuls repeals
Areas of rapid development hotbeds
Article of faith tenet
Ballpark fig est
Base for Alaska Airlines seatac
Battle groups foes
Bends the truth fibs
Bert's buddy ernie
Big Nascar sponsor stp
Big swing state ohio
Bishop in the Blues Hall of Fame elvin
Blue Angels' org usn
Brief reliefs respites
Broadway opener scenei
Char scoh
Cheer competition fab
Chickasaw Natl. Recreation Area location okla
Close near
Consternation dismay
Creator of Leopold Bloom joyce
Dartboard material elm
De Matteo of 'Shades of Blue' drea
Dictator played by Forest idi
Dijon darling cheri
District with a famous fountain trevi
Doofus nimrod
Double, e.g hit
Down sides? eat
Eight-time Grand Slam champ agassi
Family divisions genera
Flour variety oat
Foam at the mouth rage
Fragrance sharing a name with a literary character aramis
Fund drive gp pta
Gateway Arch architect Saarinen eero
Gene's 'Young Frankenstein' director mel
Get better healup
Give it a shot try
Harry's foil draco
Held in high esteem revered
High times? noons
Hook undoer peterpan
Hoopla fanfare
Hors d'oeuvre spread pate
House of spirits? liquoabinet
House product act
Howie Long, for 13 seasons raider
IDs on tax returns ssns
Ill-fated Texan company enron
In need of bodywork dented
Indistinct dim
Intention aim
Kindles arouses
Lack of hassle ease
Less welcoming icier
Like Babe poine
Like pickle juice acetic
Like Roger Federer swiss
Like some battleships armolad
Lipstick mishap smear
Magic word presto
Male issue son
Martial art often practiced outdoors taichi
Mayberry moppet opie
Mgr.'s helpers assts
Miniseries, frequently saga
Miss. or Mo riv
Mortarboard wearers seniolass
Mother of Horus isis
Mountaineering expert sherpa
Move emotionally stir
Mug rob
Mule, e.g shoe
Narnian guardian aslan
Nation on the Medit isr
Official reprimand censure
Olympian with a bow and arrow eros
Ortho dept. scan mri
Part of the fam sis
Passion ardor
Perfect Sleeper maker serta
Pie chart lines radii
Pinta's companion nina
Play area theater
Police dept. figure insp
Position for Anderson Cooper anchohair
Pyrenean principality andorra
Radisson rival hyatt
Rafael Nadal's home majoa
Razor with a pioneering pivoting head atra
Reason to decline an invitation prioommitment
Remain on the bench sit
Rent let
Reuben bread rye
Rick Perry's dept ener
Rise ascent
Sawtooth Wilderness location idaho
Scold severely railat
Scotch purchase fifth
Secure site starter https
Short stop? stn
Shorten a sentence, say edit
Sicilian spouter etna
Simple card game war
Snowman in 'Frozen' olaf
Sofia Coppola and Nicolas Cage, e.g cousins
Somebody who'll free others of their possessions exoist
Spam holders cans
Spark plug wires connect to them distributoaps
Spring roll time easter
Stadium vendor's stack ones
Starts onsets
Stunned into submission tasered
Sundial number iii
Surgical beam laser
Surprised gasps ohs
Titan circles it saturn
Tpk. kin rte
Unties the knot divoes
Upstanding guy mensch
Visual communication syst asl
Water fall? rain
Wee itsy
Welcoming national park spot visitoenter
What RNs dispense tlc
What some shoot in a golf round evenpar
Where an appeal may be heard superioourt
Wintry falls sleets
Wipe clean erase
Yellow finch serin
Yelp contributors raters
___ colada pina
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