How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 12 2004

'Fairly well' NOTTOOBAD
'Follow me!' CMON
'For Me and My ___' GAL
'I just had an idea!' SAY
'I kissed thee ___ I killed thee': Othello ERE
'No more!' STOP
'Over There' songwriter COHAN
'The ___ of Confucius' ANALECTS
'Unfaithful' director Adrian LYNE
4 x 4, for short UTE
Actress Christina APPLEGATE
Actress Sommer ELKE
Adapt musically ARRANGE
Aromatic oil, often ESTER
Atlanta train and bus system MARTA
Avian colonists EGRETS
Battle of Britain grp. RAF
Big name in dolls SASHA
Boat for shallow water SCOW
Bookcase seller's farewell to buyers? ENJOYYOURSHELVES
Brought up BRED
Business card abbr. TEL
Cartoon canine ODIE
Certain Indonesian SUMATRAN
Cherry bomb stem FUSE
Chopped AXED
Co. name ender INC
Coat repair job RELINING
Colorful seashells TRITONS
Confronted TOOKON
Cry of surprise OHO
Cultural gathering FEST
Dairy aisle buy OLEO
Damon, to Pythias FRIEND
Depression-era drifter OKIE
Diane of 'A Kiss Before Dying,' 1991 LADD
Diploma holder GRAD
Dog originally bred to herd cattle CORGI
Doorstep cry POLICE
Dragon's head feature CREST
Drawing help RULER
Eastern way TAO
English assignment THEME
Exit the system LOGOUT
Farm team OXEN
Fastens (to) AFFIXES
Financial adviser, for short CPA
Fit to be tied RILED
Flight LAM
Food writer Claiborne CRAIG
Forlorn BEREFT
Furniture launched from the starship Enterprise? FUTONTORPEDOES
Get bigger GROW
Go before ANTECEDE
Godzilla creator Tomoyuki ___ TANAKA
Green grp. EPA
Grip firmly CLENCH
Gung-ho RAHRAH
He cursed Cassandra APOLLO
Heavy reading TOMES
High school org. SADD
Hill or valley, e.g. LANDFORM
Hillocks RISES
Hood rods GATS
Humorous tale involving a settee? THEDIVANCOMEDY
In good shape FIT
Inference from an ID AGE
Interstate highway fixtures CALLBOXES
Investment choice: Abbr. IRA
Isn't serious KIDS
It's carried while on deck BAT
It's got a point CONE
James of 'Misery' CAAN
John or Christine of Fleetwood Mac MCVIE
Joseph of 'Citizen Kane' COTTEN
Kid with a new home ADOPTEE
Lays down the lawn SODS
Like dirt roads RUTTY
Lose one's resistance MELT
M-1 rifle inventor GARAND
Magniloquent LOFTY
Member of an Indian religious minority PARSEE
Mole SPY
Nice guy GOODJOE
Not clichéd NEW
Of living organisms BIOTIC
Old British coin GUINEA
Outdoor furniture that can fly you to the moon? ROCKETLAWNCHAIRS
Packed away ATE
Pair on Wayne Gretzky's jersey NINES
Pavilion locales EXPOS
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Prefix with sphere ATMO
Purchase at a government auction TAXTITLE
Quarrel SPAT
Question for the hotel housekeeper in the morning? WANTTOMAKEABED
Razor brand ATRA
Rent payer TENANT
Rent payer LESSEE
Repeat ECHO
Resist cheerfulness SULK
Scout leader? TONTO
Security risks SIEVES
Set aside KEPT
Sign of trouble REDFLAG
Simpleton CLOD
Skull Valley dweller UTAHAN
Soccer star Hamm MIA
Soft or sweet follower SPOT
Song sung on doorsteps NOEL
Squealed cries EEKS
Start of a conclusion THEN
Supplied FED
Supports AIDS
Sword bearers SCABBARDS
Talks about SPEAKSOF
Thérèse, e.g.: Abbr. STE
They get burned nowadays CDS
They may be in black-and-white NUNS
They're seen around bars SOAPSUDS
Tight group? SOTS
Tolkien creature ENT
Unarmed figure? TORSO
Unmitigated ARRANT
Unwilling to say much GUARDED
Variety show fillers ACTS
Vehicles designed to transport china? CUPBOARDWAGONS
Walks breezily SASHAYS
Went through channels? SLUICED
Whether to fold out or remain as a couch? SOFASCHOICE
William ___, baseball commissioner before Bowie Kuhn ECKERT
Writing tables made from foam rubber? FLOPPYDESKS
___ Norman (military nickname) STORMIN
___ Stadium, home of the Pro Bowl ALOHA
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