How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 01 1997

'All the Things You ___' ARE
'Voices Carry' pop group TILTUESDAY
'You said it, brother!' AMEN
1957 Fats Domino hit BLUEMONDAY
1971 Steve McQueen film ONANYSUNDAY
Actor Davis OSSIE
Ardent AVID
Army's mule, e.g. MASCOT
Astronaut Slayton DEKE
Bones OSSA
Bull's-eye hitter DART
Charlatan IMPOSTER
Concerned only with others SELFLESS
De-squeaked OILED
Deftness EASE
Destine to disaster DOOM
Enraged LIVID
Exodus mountain SINAI
Faint, as through ecstasy SWOON
Famous Wall Street panic BLACKFRIDAY
Field enclosure FENCE
Final approval SAYSO
Fix (in) EMBED
Fountain drink MALT
Frozen Wasser EIS
Half a score TEN
Happening place SCENE
Helen's mother, in Greek myth LEDA
Honeybunch DEAR
Idolize ADORE
Italian rice dish RISOTTO
Jan. 15 initials MLK
Kind of piano PLAYER
Lackawanna's partner in railroading ERIE
Lend ___ (listen) ANEAR
Like some vaccines ORAL
Major league brothers' name ALOU
Make war BATTLE
Mannerism TRAIT
Marksman of Swiss legend TELL
Mideast's Gulf of ___ ADEN
Modern refrigerators do it automatically DEFROST
Montana city BUTTE
Narc's unit KILO
Officer-to-be CADET
Old Fords LTDS
One who raises a stink? SKUNK
One, to Hans EINS
Overhang EAVE
Pavarotti piece ARIA
Pepper's partner SALT
Poet Elinor WYLIE
Poetic contraction NEER
Pop singer Brickell EDIE
Popular oven cleaner EASYOFF
Prefix with cycle UNI
Ready to be hit, as a golf ball TEED
Reverse of WNW ESE
Score before 15 LOVE
Side squared, for a square AREA
Sit-ups firm these ABS
Skin: Suffix DERMA
Slow-witted DUMB
Suffix with elephant INE
Temper, as metal ANNEAL
Theda of Hollywood BARA
Travel far and wide ROAM
TV's 'Kate & ___' ALLIE
Voice above baritone TENOR
Well-read ERUDITE
Word with land or critical MASS
Yes votes YEAS
Yucatan year ANO
___ Major URSA
___ of the Apostles ACTS
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