How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 08 1998

'Half ___ is better...' ALOAF
'How ___!' RUDE
'It's ___ real!' BEEN
'No returns' ASIS
'Shank,' in prison lingo STAB
'Time in a Bottle' singer CROCE
1995 earthquake site KOBE
60's-70's Italian P.M. MORO
Apr. addressee IRS
Au pair: Var. NANNIE
Autobahn cruiser AUDI
Baseballer Martinez TINO
Beats by a hair EDGES
Big story EPIC
Bit of regret TWINGE
Black INKY
Blood: Prefix HEMA
Blowhole AIRVENT
Boxer-turned-actor Tony DANZA
Break a tie in a shocking way? CASTTHEDECIDINGVOLT
Bring into resonance TUNE
Buck's mate HIND
Burns title starter AULD
Bygone Dodges OMNIS
Came after ENSUED
Certain column TENS
Chinese discipline TAICHI
Civics, e.g. HONDAS
Classicist's field GREEK
Clobber BOP
College major, slangily ECON
Colosseo site ROMA
Composer Satie ERIK
Corporate giant named for a mythological character NIKE
Country road features RUTS
Country singer Tubb ERNEST
Cousin of calypso SKA
Cry at an awards ceremony SPEECH
Cry from within ENTER
Deems proper SEESFIT
Defense acronym NATO
Dentist's request RINSE
Disagreeable sort CRAB
Early Brit PICT
Educ. helpers PTAS
End of a fitting phrase ATEE
Ending for most odds TOONE
Energy ZEST
Eritrea's capital ASMARA
Fishermen's spears TRIDENTS
Floored it SPED
Foreign title AGHA
Functioning in all respects ABLE
Hang loose LOLL
Heart CORE
Heavenward ABOVE
Heckle RIDE
Holy scroll TORAH
Iran, once, and others SHAHDOMS
It's a deal SWAP
Jack of old oaters ELAM
Journalists, jocularly SCRIBES
Kind of pit MOSH
Land of poetry ERIN
Land on the Red Sea ETHIOPIA
Land under Down Under: Abbr. TASM
Like some relationships PLATONIC
Like some teas HERBAL
Longtime Israeli ambassador to Washington EBAN
Lovelace's 'To ___, From Prison' ALTHEA
Make a break for it BOLT
Mark the beginning of Lent in a shocking way? PLACEASHESONONESFARAD
Melodic pieces ARIOSI
Merino mother EWE
Monster of a 1956 film RODAN
Moonfish OPAH
N.L. cap monogram STL
News org. founded in 1958 UPI
Not adhere to promises RENEGE
Not at sea ONLAND
Occupational suffix EER
Old photos SEPIAS
One 'C' in C.C.C. CORPS
One of the judges in Judges GIDEON
One on the dark side SATAN
Opportune TIMELY
Oriental incense ALOES
Panoramic photos SCENICS
Part of any Verdi composition TEMA
Part of CBS: Abbr. SYS
Piercing place LOBE
Pioneer computer ENIAC
Plant shoot: Var. CION
Prefix meaning 'one-billionth' NANO
Prefix with -plasty OSTEO
Prior to ERE
Prov. east of New Brunswick PEI
Ready for publication REDACT
Restroom wall, often TILING
Ripened cheese BRIE
Rock's Motley ___ CRUE
Say further ADD
Schismatic group SECT
Screwed up AMISS
Second in order BETA
Shocking 1966 song lyric? WATTSITALLABOUTALFIE.
Shocking 1980 movie sequel? THEAMPERESTRIKESBACK
Shocking bank offerings? OHMIMPROVEMENTLOANS
Sideshow performer GEEK
Sluggish LEADEN
Smeltery waste SLAG
Speaker of note TRIS
Spin doctor's concern IMAGE
Spree spot MALL
Star in Aquila ALTAIR
Stomachache reliever, familiarly BICARB
Styptic pencil stuff ALUM
Suffix with meth- ANE
Swahili's language group BANTU
Tennis score ADIN
Title for Wences SENOR
Tom Sawyer's younger half brother SID
Towel stitching HERS
Trump's line REALTY
TV pooch REN
Unusually long MARATHON
Valhalla V.I.P. ODIN
Vein yields ORES
Visitor to Siam ANNA
Ward of 'The Fugitive' SELA
White key ANATURAL
Whopped, old-style SMOTE
Word with rush or credit HOUR
___ couture HAUTE
___ Ivory Wayans KEENEN
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