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noun - a condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders

verb - make an addition (to)

verb - state or say further


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
It's what you do when you put 2 + 2 together, or 1 + 1 for that matter
"Sail" by Awolnation says, "blame it on my own sick pride, blame it on my" this 3-letter behavioral syndrome
Possible Dictionary Clues
any of a range of behavioural disorders occurring primarily in children, including such symptoms as poor concentration, hyperactivity, and learning difficulties.
Attention deficit disorder.
Analogue digital digital, indicating that a music recording was made in analogue format before being mastered and stored digitally.
Say as a further remark.
Put together (two or more numbers or amounts) to calculate their total value.
Put in (an additional element, ingredient, etc.)
Join (something) to something else so as to increase the size, number, or amount.
make an addition by combining numbers
determine the sum of
make an addition (to) join or combine or unite with others increase the quality, quantity, zise or scope of
Geographic Matches
Add, Ouaddai, CHAD
Add might refer to
Addition (often signified by the plus symbol "+") is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic; the others are subtraction, multiplication and division. The addition of two whole numbers is the total amount of those quantities combined. For example, in the adjacent picture, there is a combination of three apples and two apples together, making a total of five apples. This observation is equivalent to the mathematical expression "3 + 2 = 5" i.e., "3 add 2 is equal to 5".
* Besides counting items, addition can also be defined on other types of numbers, such as integers, real numbers and complex numbers. This is part of arithmetic, a branch of mathematics. In algebra, another area of mathematics, addition can be performed on abstract objects such as vectors and matrices.
* Addition has several important properties. It is commutative, meaning that order does not matter, and it is associative, meaning that when one adds more than two numbers, the order in which addition is performed does n
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