How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 26 2007

'Faust' or 'Don Giovanni' OPERA
'If ___ told you once ...' IVE
'Little ___ Sunshine' MISS
'The King and I' woman ANNA
1978 Rolling Stones hit BEASTOFBURDEN
Alligatorlike reptile CAIMAN
Arab chieftain EMIR
Aria singer DIVA
Backside REAR
Basketball coach Pitino RICK
Be on the verge of falling TEETER
Blow it ERR
Boyfriend BEAU
British weight GRAMME
Bump and thump NOISES
Caribbean, e.g. SEA
Coating of frost RIME
Cousins of mandolins LUTES
Credit card bills, e.g. DEBT
Daily allowance PERDIEM
Day of the wk. ... or an exam usually taken on that day SAT
Distinctive features of Mr. Spock EARS
Doctors' bags KITS
Drip from a pipe, e.g. LEAK
Empty, as a well DRY
Four-alarm fire INFERNO
Gait between walk and canter TROT
Get-up-and-go PEP
Hodgepodge OLIO
Home of many Velázquez paintings PRADO
Humor that's often lost in an e-mail SARCASM
Hurly-burly ADO
In the near future ANON
Inevitable destruction DOOM
Kansaslike FLAT
Kind of pole TOTEM
Leftover bit SCRAP
Manipulate USE
Marx with a manifesto KARL
Modern prefix with tourism ECO
Neutral tone ECRU
No ___, ands or buts IFS
Not shallow DEEP
Often-stained piece of attire NECKTIE
Periods in history ERAS
Photographic film coating EMULSION
Plow pullers OXEN
Postpone, with 'off' PUT
Preordain DESTINE
Proverb SAYING
Put in jail LOCKUP
Radiator sound SSS
Seoul's home KOREA
Smart ___ ALECK
Stolen money LOOT
Tickle AMUSE
Two of a kind PAIR
Uneasy feeling ANGST
Unruly head of hair MOP
Untruths LIES
Veto NIX
When the pilot is due in, for short ETA
Where 6-Down is ASIA
Where originally found INSITU
Where you might get into hot water SPA
Word with neither NOR
Worker in a stable HOSTLER
___ B. Anthony dollar SUSAN
___ quilt (modern memorial) AIDS
___ smasher ATOM
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