How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Mar 31 2019

'... __ full of rye' apocket
'80s IBM flop nicknamed 'Peanut' pcjr
'A Deeper Faith' musician tesh
'Didn't expect that' ohoh
'Gotcha' isee
'Roots' author Haley alex
'Terrible' despot ivan
'That __ fact!' isa
'That's awful!' ack
'The King and I' kingdom siam
60-Down et al tsars
A year in Caesar's time anno
After one bounce, in baseball lingo onahop
Ambulance pros emts
Anne of 1998's 'Psycho' heche
Archaeological site dig
Arkin and Menken alans
Bank job heist
Bar mitzvah celebratory drink? mazeltovcocktail
Behold, to Pilate ecce
Bettor's strategy system
Blood classification letters abo
Blow away awe
Body wrap venue spa
Brand written in frosty letters icee
Brings out elicits
Bull's partner, in a story? cock
Choir voices altos
Collectible print, briefly litho
Confounded darned
Coordinate (with) tiein
Corp. bigwigs cfos
Cream cheese promotion? schmearcampaign
Current gauge ammeter
D.C. fundraisers pacs
Dalí contemporary arp
Dandy fop
Danes of 'Homeland' claire
Dark marks blots
Diner freebies mints
Dirt smoother rake
Disaster for a figure skater? klutzperformance
Document details format
Don Juan roue
Drive-in with skating carhops sonic
Editor's mark dele
Endless, in verse eterne
Evergreen bean cacao
Fragrant shrub lilac
François's friend amie
Game with a mate chess
Given away free
God with a bow eros
Gumbo thickeners okras
Hereditary ruler dynast
Host of, in slang lotta
Howard of old comedy films moe
In money trouble, say badoff
Incompetent drivers? schlemielsonwheels
Irish musical ensemble __ Woman celtic
It dropped 'Cab' from its name in 2011 uber
It ends at the gutter roof
It's iced and sliced cake
Jed Clampett, for one hillbilly
Jewel case storage unit cdtower
Jimi Hendrix do afro
Joey's mom doe
Label for some Elton John albums mca
Lay idle sat
Legendary mission alamo
Letters on a Sun Bum container spf
Light sparkling wine asti
Like Nash's lama onel
Like Poe pieces eerie
Lodging with a 'keeper' inn
Mariner's direction alee
Means of access doors
Med. group options hmos
Metric introduction? geo
Millennials' folks genx
Musical diner fixture, for short juke
Nap rest
No small favor bigask
Of no consequence moot
Of the highest quality toptier
Officer Kalakaua's group, familiarly fiveo
Organized like big stores aisled
Overused, jokewise old
Peepers chicks
Peter Pan rival jif
Pickable point nit
Poetic lowland vale
Possible result of swallowing air burp
Protein provider meat
Rainforest vine liana
Raspy-voiced Cooper alice
Red fox holes dens
Ring ruling tko
Road division lane
Rube Goldberg device, e.g gizmo
Sapling support stake
Sault Ste. Marie's __ Locks soo
Scientific methods tests
Seaweed product agar
Shame abash
Short spin? rev
Slice of pizza? zee
Slope gear skis
Smoothie berry acai
Some baby rockers mamas
Son of Seth enos
Sound from a lynx's larynx purr
Sport with mallets polo
Steamy sexy
Sticks with the Swedish meatballs toothpicks
Stranger things exotica
Sufi Muslim ascetic dervish
Swiss painter Paul klee
Thai currency baht
Thumbs-up letters aok
Tied accessory ascot
Tiny portrait holder locket
To-do stir
Traffic warning signal flasher
Trash-talking broadcaster? schlockjock
Tricks that treat magic
Trouble from all sides beset
Trudged through a nudist camp? schleppedinthebuff
Tubular pasta, for short mac
Two in a canoe oars
Type of tide neap
U.K. utility cost limitations pricecaps
Unprincipled amoral
Valleys hollows
Warsaw Pact counterpart nato
Web address letters url
When many TV shows debut fallseason
Where decent people buy decent clothes at honest prices? menschstore
Whole or half home unit bath
Wind catcher sail
Yearbook gp srs
__ Haute terre
'Avatar' weapon spear
'Check' at a casino ipass
'It's so obvious!' duh
'Official instrument of the International Order of Travel Agents,' per 'Angels in America' oboe
'On the ___' (Kerouac novel) road
'Shark Tank' channel abc
'Sounds like fun!' ooh
'That being said ...' andyet
'The Kids ___ Alright' (1998 Offspring song) arent
'The Orville' creator MacFarlane seth
'Weekend Update' co-anchor Michael che
Activate, as a PC bootup
Anesthetized under
Arboreal marsupial koala
Author Shelley's tiny Valentine's Day flower? marysbabyrose
Banks seen on several episodes of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' tyra
Be up against abut
Bean containers pods
Bearded flower grown by media mogul Rupert? murdochiris
Belichick's team, briefly pats
Bit of 'Cheers' furniture stool
Bite at a Nats game hotdog
Boxer played by Smith ali
Bump into a friend at a concert, perhaps? mosh
Business VIP magnate
Byrnes on screen edd
Cake feature, at times tier
Catch deceptively entrap
Cause congestion to clogup
Cavern feedback echo
Cease to be valid expire
Checks for prints dusts
Chip on a plate, e.g flaw
Class with little struggle easya
Coke transaction, say drugdeal
Commencement start
Complex dwelling condo
Composer Brian eno
Conservative across the Atlantic tory
Cosmopolitan location for travelers? barcar
Creamy concoction at a seafood restaurant crabdip
Cry from the fairway fore
Displayed feeling, in psychology affect
Disreputable sorts badeggs
Dunked bread, e.g sop
E pluribus ___ unum
Emulate a frog hop
EPs, LPs, etc discs
Event with many bucks rodeo
Examined eyed
Exhibiting far too much curiosity nosy
Extremist actor Romano's purple flower? ultraraysviolet
Fathoms grasps
Film critic for the New York Times since 2000 aoscott
First U.S. president to visit Kenya obama
Frozen formation icicle
Full of life and energy spry
Gem mentioned in several Exodus verses onyx
Green of 'The Salvation' eva
Hat worn during a run? skicap
Have a straight to your opponent's flush, say lose
Hearty pub offering stout
Hicks known for a list angie
Home-brewing need yeast
Honeymoon experience trip
Idle creation doodle
It has sentimental value keepsake
Karakorum's home asia
Kids' song refrain eieio
Landers with advice ann
Large pipe main
Like 'O,' but not 'M' ratedr
Like wraiths ghostly
Liquor store array vodkas
Little darling cutie
Mandated minimum quota
Melber on MSNBC ari
Mercury once seen on Earth freddie
Most eccentric oddest
Narrow inlet, and an anagram of 33 Across, 80 Across or 64 Down ria
Nature trail specimen shrub
Netflix-watching option roku
Obey a bailiff's order rise
Office composition memo
Opium flower belonging to a rooster? cockpoppy
Oscar snub, e.g omission
Paid close attention tooknote
Paladin's protection mail
Performs as ordered doesso
Pie fight sound effect splat
Plank exercise targets abs
Platform connector in Donkey Kong ladder
Playground area park
Poet Cohen ira
Prefix with tourism eco
Products pitched by snake oil salesmen curealls
Pulled on someone's harp strings tuned
Queens force, briefly nypd
Regard highly admire
Routine response? haha
Ruby-colored Easter flower, when shown to a studio audience? liveredlily
Sassy pert
Scotch ___ ale
See 108 Down dead
Selection on the fairway fouriron
Service for streaming 'Game of Thrones' hbogo
Sheriff Taylor's son opie
Short lab workers? techs
Shoshone speaker ute
Some romance novel cover figures hunks
Some winter migrants geese
Something resold after being burned usedcd
Southern England port poole
Spot near firewood hearth
State without much responsiveness stupor
Strand in a rainforest? tendril
Submerged bank shoal
Talk smack about a cinematic autumn flower? dismovieaster
Taxing task onus
Ted of 'The Good Place' danson
Tempe inst asu
Tesla CEO Musk elon
The A of 'FOIA request' act
They roll in a pit dice
To-do list item instructing you to flatten a yellow flower? squashbuttercup
Totaled ranto
Track star Zátopek emil
Tupperware party topper lid
Using faux shyness coy
Video game franchise set in the 26th century halo
Wake up cometo
Walked (on) trod
Wallop sock
Western prop gun
Where the penny might drop? well
White-petaled flower on a North Carolina university campus? dukedaisy
Wingless pests lice
Wingless pests mites
With 56 Across, horror film franchise with a book called the Necronomicon evil
Words of clarification thatis
Works with feet odes
___ miles sea
___ miles air
___ secret open
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