How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana Feb 18 2019

2000 pounds ton
A. Nobel invention tnt
Actresses Zellweger or O'Connor renee
Ancient Celts iceni
Ankle ___ ( Slang for a tag-along kid ) biter
Arab robe aba
Bath soap ivory
Beer ____ ( Slang for a Kokanee swiller ) belly
Before, to Browning ere
Belief tenet
Biblical yes yea
Borscht makings beets
Canadian whiskey rye
Cask keg
Cereal grains oats
Cheap ____ ( Slang for a tightwad ) skate
Circle part arc
Coffee ( To the cool ) joe
Compass pt ene
Controversial sales tax ( Acronym ) gst
Cravat tie
Deg. for an aspining tycoon ) mba
Detest hate
Each and Every all
Editor's mark caret
Egg dish omelet
Encountered met
Enroll enter
Eutherian bat
Expel abort
Faint dim
Former Japanese Prime Minister ito
Gelling agent agar
Giant armadillo tatou
Greasy ____ ( Slang for an inferior eating place ) spoon
I have, condensed ive
Installment batch
Lamprey or Conger eel
Macaws ara
Mimic ape
Mineral bearing rock ore
Monkey ____ ( Slang for one's tuxedo ) suit
Napoleon's Field Marshall ney
Nitty ____ ( Slang for unvarnished truth ) gritty
Nuclear particles atoms
Porker's place sty
Prissy staid
RC honouree ste
Rocky peak tor
Rust ____ ( Slang for an old beater ) bucket
Sacks bags
Scuttle _____ ( Slang for loose talk ) butt
Sess ganja
Simply merely
Single unwed
Snow ___ (Slang for a vacationing canuck ) bird
Subaltern ( Acronym ) nco
The bounding main ocean
Thicken gel
Wager ante
Water, en francaise eau
Waterlogged wet
Wee, in Glasgow sma
Wood sorrel oka
Word after tic and before toe tac
Word before combatant non
____ Pogo ( Okanagan monster ) ogo
_____ pole totem
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