How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Dec 16 2018

'Car Talk' network npr
'Hey ... over this way!' psst
'Keystone' lawman kop
'Mystifier' Geller uri
'Ora pro —' ('Pray for us') nobis
'Over There' composer cohan
'So cute!' aww
'That raving guy is lying!'? [1958, 1999, 1983] dontbelievemaniac
'— -ching!' cha
'— Little Tenderness' trya
1960s univ. radicals sds
Accordingly ergo
Activist Hoffman abbie
Actor Ely ron
Actor Epps of 'Shooter' omar
Actor Griffith andy
Actor Gulager clu
Actor Lloyd nolan
Allergic reaction? achoo
Analgesics anodynes
Ark-itect? noah
Artist Yoko ono
Assist an unwise fugitive? [1965, 2002, 1961] helpfoolishrunaway
Audiophile's storage item cdrack
Barn percher owl
Beer bubbles foam
Before ere
Big — whale asa
Bitter brew ale
Bovine cry moo
Broody rock genre emo
Cantata kin motet
Castle encirclers moats
Central Sicilian city enna
Certain scroll key on PC pageup
Charity alms
Chemical suffix ide
Chest bone rib
Chest organ lung
Choir voice alto
Chou En- — lai
City's main business section during a tornado? [1982, 1967, 1965] trulywindydowntown
Cola biggie pepsi
Compass dir sse
Concerning inre
Consecrated holy
D.C.'s land usa
Dandy sort fop
Danny of 'Ruby' aiello
Debt slip iou
Diminutive wee
Directs steers
Dirt clump clod
Dol. parts cts
Dreamworld lalaland
Effortless progress with zero snags? [2017, 1999, 1980] perfectsmoothsailing
Epithet for Tarzan apeman
Extolling praising
Farming tool hoe
Filmmaker Pier — Pasolini paolo
Final letters zees
Franklin brought a certain continent's nations back together? [1972, 1979, 1983] benreunitedafrica
Fresh beginning newstart
Fright-filled afraid
Frosts ices
Gobbled up ate
Gobbles up devours
Golden — (senior) ager
Grassy area lea
Growing field farm
Heckling cry boo
High peak alp
High-strung tense
Honest prez abe
In-favor vote aye
Incline tilt
Inflexible wooden
Japanese dance-drama noh
Jaunty tune lilt
JFK, e.g dem
Job for AAA tow
Join others in the attack pileon
Katy Perry's 'I Kissed —' agirl
Kevin of 'Silverado' kline
Kick out oust
Kings and queens hold agave liquor dear? [2013, 1966, 1958] royalscherishtequila
Lamarr of 'Comrade X' hedy
Less sweet, as wine drier
Lightest coin dime
Like cold fish aloof
Love deity amor
Many a seized car repo
Messy stack heap
Modular part unit
Mom's skill, in brief tlc
Most recent last
Mother of Helen of Troy leda
Move upward rise
Mr. — ('Fantasy Island' host) roarke
Muscular jerk tic
Mythical ship argo
Nile's home egypt
NYSE debut ipo
Of ears otic
Old Fords edsels
Organic compound enol
Pa dad
Papas' partners mamas
Person copying another emulator
Ph.D. or MBA deg
Pitcher — Wilhelm hoyt
Plane-related aero
Poetic foot iamb
Prefix with botany or biology ethno
Regret a lot rue
Revered sort icon
Revered sort idol
Rigg made Rooney go 'Wow!'? [1957, 2000, 1982] dianaamazedmickey
Roman 350 cccl
Root beer brand barqs
Santo — domingo
Shine up buff
Silent 'OK' nod
Slim fish eel
Slip- — (mules, e.g.) ons
Soho stroller pram
Sorbet alternative, for short froyo
Stephen of 'Ondine' rea
Straight-ahead view eyelevel
Sufficient, in poetry enow
Suffix with play or faith ful
Test facility lab
The Everly Brothers' '— Clown' cathys
This puzzle's long answers each consist of three of these numberonehitsongs
Ticked (off) teed
Toy truck maker tonka
Very reactive element cesium
Vine-covered ivied
Wellspring source
Wise guy sage
Wrap, as a weak wrist tapeup
— -Blo fuse slo
— Dhabi (emirate) abu
— long way goa
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