How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jul 07 2013

"I Will Follow ___": 1963 chart-topper HIM
"Quit worrying about it" OHSTOP
"Summertime," for one ARIA
"Symphony in Black" artist ERTE
"Uh-uh" NAH
1980s Attorney General MEESE
Act the wrong way? EMOTE
Anka hit with a Spanish title ESOBESO
Apple products MACS
Arabian peninsula capital SANAA
Avuncular top hat wearer SAM
Baby or nanny follower CAM
Balloon or blimp AEROSTAT
Before thou know'st ANON
Big Island port HILO
Bismarck et al OTTOS
Bodega patron LATINO
Capek play about automatons RUR
Carpentry joint MITER
Catamaran mover SAIL
Certain suit top BRA
Chatterbox MAGPIE
Cheap-seats spot TOPROW
Christmas cupful NOG
Cocktail with scotch ROBROY
Comes out with SAYS
Concert memorabilia STUBS
Conservative IRA asset TNOTE
Copies per day, say: Abbr CIRC
Cuddly companion LAPDOG
Dawn deity EOS
Decade divs YRS
Deduce INFER
Devils Tower st WYO
Dynamite guy? NOBEL
Edible with a crisp pod SNAPBEAN
Epitome of virility STUD
Escorted LEDIN
Excessively TOO
Feline in the headlines? PRESSKITTY
Fiscal exec CFO
Flickering bulb? SPOTTYLIGHT
Force back REPEL
Frogumentary? WARTYFILM
From Athens to Augusta, Ga ESE
Gardener of rhyme MARY
Genre of Vasarely's "Zebras" OPART
Get stuck for, as a cost EAT
Go bad ROT
Golf green border APRON
Gregarious SOCIAL
Guarantee ASSURE
Half of sei TRE
Hickman who portrayed Dobie Gillis DWAYNE
Hip dance? HULA
Ho-hum feeling APATHY
Hood's missile ARROW
Humongous harbor wall? JUMBOJETTY
Initial step ATOB
It's not good to be over one BARREL
Items on an auto rack SKIS
Jazz nickname SATCHMO
Jupiter's wife JUNO
Lawn game missile JART
Leg up BOOST
Like much small print UNREAD
Like skilled negotiators SHREWD
Like sweaters KNITTED
Macadamia product NUTOIL
Makeshift swing TIRE
Many a cheerleader GIRL
Mark's successor EURO
Miss the beginning BELATE
Moon goddess LUNA
Most fitting APTEST
Mountaineer's challenge CRAG
Mouth piece? LIP
Mower handle? DEERE
Nitpicking kid minder? PETTYSITTER
Norwegian king, 995-1000 OLAFI
Often ALOT
Old laundry soap RINSO
Partner of aid ABET
People now known as Sami LAPPS
Perch in a pond LILYPAD
Pete's wife on "Mad Men" TRUDY
Place to play bocce, perhaps YARD
Premarital posting BANNS
Preserves, in a way SALTS
Price tag on a toilet for tots? POTTYSTICKER
Put one's hands together, in a way CLAP
Quitter's words IRESIGN
Rd. atlas listings STS
Really old deck of cards? RATTYPACK
Saint Laurent's Le Smoking, e.g PANTSUIT
Santa __ racetrack ANITA
Saunter MOSEY
Saxon leader? ANGLO
Scriabin composition ETUDE
Serif-free font ARIAL
Server's aid TRAY
Share a border with ABUT
Silly sort GOOSE
Sitcom with spiteful scripts? CATTYSHOW
South-of-the-border residences CASAS
Start over REDO
Stroked tools OARS
Sunrise service occasion EASTER
Surfboard fin SKEG
Sweetheart SUGAR
Swing voters: Abbr INDS
Symbol of precision BUTTON
Tampico pals AMIGOS
Taurus neighbor ARIES
They're drawn in bars ALES
They're forbidden NONOS
They're sometimes seen in jams CARS
Thief who begs to be arrested? CRIMENOVELTY
Three-part figs SSNS
Traffic sound TOOT
Trendy warm boots UGGS
Trying to lose, after "on" ADIET
Turn black CHAR
Twitter titter, and then some LOL
Ultimate power NTH
Union agreement? IDO
Versatile cookie OREO
Virologist Jonas SALK
Visibly frightened ASHEN
Was about to nod, maybe YAWNED
Watchdog breed AKITA
What "F" often means FEMALE
What one might sneak out on TIPPYTOE
When some deadlocks are broken, briefly INOT
Where Hillary was a sen NYS
Wild place, once WEST
Word alphabetizers ignore THE
Wrecker's fee TOWAGE
WWII torpedo vessel EBOAT
WWII weapon STEN
__ Robert: nickname for pitcher Bob Feller RAPID
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