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An Anglo-American.

An English-speaking person, especially a white North American who is not of Hispanic or French descent.

noun - a white North American of non-Hispanic or non-French descent


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Possible Dictionary Clues
A white English-speaking person of British or northern European origin, in particular (in the US) as distinct from a Hispanic American or (in Canada) as distinct from a French-speaker.
A person selected for a Scottish, Irish, or Welsh national sports team who plays for an English club.
An English person or person of English ancestry.
In the United States, an American, especially a White American, whose native language is English. The term generally is used in contrast to Americans for whom Spanish is their native language, or people whose ancestry is from Latin America. The term is used without regard to English descent. It is likely derived as a reference to English (rather than Spanish) as a native language.
A white-skinned person.
a white person in the US who is not from a Latin American country:
relating to England or the UK:
English or British
Geographic Matches
Anglo, Sabah, MALAYSIA
Anglo description
Anglo is a prefix indicating a relation to the Angles, England, the English people, or the English language, such as in the term Anglo-Saxon language. It is often used alone, somewhat loosely, to refer to people of British Isles descent in the Americas, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. It is also used, both in English-speaking and non-English-speaking countries, to refer to Anglophone people of other European origins.
* Anglo is a Late Latin prefix used to denote English- in conjunction with another toponym or demonym. The word is derived from Anglia, the Latin name for England, and still used in the modern name for its eastern region, East Anglia. Anglia and England both mean land of the Angles, a Germanic people originating in the north German peninsula of Angeln, that is, the region of today's Lower Saxony that joins the Jutland Peninsula and thus forms an angle, so the Romans named it "Angulus".
* It is also often used incorrectly to refer to British in historical and other
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