How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 07 2018

'''__!' they cried, 'The world is wide''': Wilde oho
''Wheels When You Want Them'' sloganeer zipcar
'Noles' traditional rivals canes
11th-century polymath omar
Accurate, surprisingly sic
Apricot cousin sloe
Baking surface? desertsand
Bart Simpson, e.g scamp
Batch of students crop
Bebe's role on ''Madam Secretary'' nadine
Beta carotene, since it can become A provitamin
Big cons expos
Big-box category homecenter
Bit of chloride, as found in the body anion
Book with 2,000+ verses psalms
Boot evict
Caught something, maybe listenedin
Chinese-American designer annasui
CNN abbreviates it further by dropping its middle letter est
Cold blast sneeze
Cologne's water rhein
Design element spec
Drum in ''Appalachian Spring'' tabor
European initiator anglo
Family surname for the ''Unforgettable'' Grammy cole
Flags ebbs
Folk __ tale
Fragments ends
Galaxy cluster apps
Hangout for some chiselers stoneworks
Having no hope of being checked inexorable
Highly intriguing sexy
In spikes, say shod
Irons, in ''The Man in the Iron Mask'' aramis
Is not at all 38 Across makesamess
It might be mistaken for silver ash
It's ignored in ''Alphabetisierung'' eine
It's north of Kansas City on I-35 ames
It's not to be crossed policeline
Joiner of many clubs? mayo
Just arrived new
Like Clement Moore's children nestled
Maintaining order neat
Market improvement uptrend
Morning opener mid
Mozart genre operaseria
Name on bottles of Beautiful perfume estee
Ninja Turtles exclamation rad
Oceanarium brand marineland
Parts of some phone bills accessfees
Poke along mosey
Presentation aid displaybox
Rubbish or trash rot
Say, for example emit
Singer who's written for Spears and Cyrus kesha
Sort of star leadingman
Source of lighting sol
Sprint malfunction falsestart
SST contract awarder nasa
Stars, in the Royal Air Force motto astra
Symbol of impenetrability tank
TERRA chips variety taro
They may be chiseled abs
They're used to calculate ages idcards
Went into a pool anted
Whom Priebus succeeded in 2011 steele
Word atop fives and tens note
Word on a tiki-bar menu list tai
Wrestle successfully cope
__ coincidence mere
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