How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 29 2019

"Am I the one?" isitme
"Bravo, matador!" ole
"End of story!" period
"The Alienist" author Carr caleb
"The Miser" playwright moliere
"The Simpsons" character Flanders ned
"___ and Greg" (former sitcom) dharma
18-minute talk type ted
A sidecar may go on it tab
Apple-polisher toady
Asti wine grapes muscats
Beluga delicacy roe
Blah meh
Bowl over wow
Brought home, as a shelter dog adopted
Conk out gopfft
Corsage flower orchid
Deeply focused rapt
Diminutive wee
Direction for a bride's family? leftatthealtar
Direction for a budget-conscious NYC theatergoer? offbroadway
Direction for a returning astronaut? downtoearth
Direction for a sprinter to scoot over? rightonthemark
DOJ branch atf
Earl Grey server teapot
Elizabethan or Victorian era
Employed used
Farewell, in Essex tata
Flightless birds rheas
Flushed red
For sure, slangily def
Fruit of a flower rosehip
Glance over scan
Had bills to pay owed
Half-___ (latte request) caf
Heartfelt earnest
Horse relative ass
Humorous tribute roast
Islamic leaders caliphs
Judge Lance in '90s news ito
Leave in, as text stet
Like IKEA assemblies, informally diy
Loan figure: Abbr pct
Luau strings, briefly ukes
Lying facedown prone
More suitable apter
Mournful work elegy
Muse of love poetry erato
National economic stat gdp
Native New Zealander maori
One on the lam escapee
Peaceful serene
Perspective angle
Raced tore
Rajiv Gandhi's mother indira
Relaxed ___ jeans fit
Ring or stud site earlobe
River to the Black Sea dnieper
Rots decays
Saxon lead-in anglo
Sense feel
Silky-coated dog breed maltese
Solo alone
Some email attachments pdfs
Sparta's pride army
T, in sorority names tau
Test for a college sr gre
The sound of music tone
Weakness frailty
White Monopoly bills ones
Your partner's name, perhaps tattoo
___ decision (admissions policy) early
___ drop mic
___ monster (desert lizard) gila
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