How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 21 2001

"Are not!" retort AMSO
"O come let us ___ Him" ADORE
"You're making ___ mistake!" ABIG
"___ Mia!" (Abba musical) MAMMA
"___ out?" (dealer's query) INOR
''--- lazy river ...'' UPA
''EDtv'' director Howard RON
''For shame!'' TSK
''Go on! Beat it!'' GIT
''I'll never do it again,'' e.g. VOW
''Veil'' author Woodward BOB
--- de la Cite ILE
1-1/2 rotation jumps AXELS
1922 Howard Carter discovery TUT
1944 battle site STLO
A.k.a. Deseret UTAH
A/C capacity measurement BTU
Abreast of UPON
Abstraction IDEA
Acquiesce ACCEDE
Actress MacDowell ANDIE
Almost a home run TRIPLE
Apply crudely DAUB
Artist's inspiration MUSE
Author of ''Fried Green Tomatoes'' FLAGG
Baffin Bay sight BERG
Berlin connection UND
Big-ticket COSTLY
Blow one's lines FLUB
Break in the action LULL
Bucolic RURAL
Bunch of huns HORDE
Burial site for Abraham and Sarah HEBRON
Call at home OUT
Calla lily's family ARUM
Casino game FARO
Catch too many z's OVERSLEEP
Centers of activity LOCI
Chinese-food order request NOMSG
Chuckholes RUTS
City in Oklahoma ELRENO
Comic's output GAGS
Concerns for ecologists RAINFORESTS
Construction beam IBAR
Couch potato's lifeline CABLE
Crackpot NUT
Crummy joints? BUMKNEES
Cry of surrender UNCLE
Cubbyhole NOOK
Dangerous reptile ASP
Deck-planking wood TEAK
Defeats regularly OWNS
Descartes quote word ERGO
Divided, as real estate ZONED
Easy gait LOPE
Effervesces FROTHS
Epitome of craziness LOON
Famous tar pits LABREA
Flower-shop purchases GLADIOLI
Footnote abbr. IBID
Genetic info RNA
Glass maven Lalique RENE
Has a bug AILS
Heady draft ALE
Hockey legend ORR
How lovers stroll ARMINARM
Hump-shouldered beasts GNUS
Islam's fourth caliph ALI
It may be heroic ACT
It's about 4,150 miles long NILE
It's sometimes bitter END
Italy's Villa d'--- ESTE
Japanese quaff SAKE
Jazz legend STANGETZ
Lennon's mate ONO
Lighter igniter FLINT
Livorno lucre LIRA
Long nerve fibers AXONS
Lover of Daphnis CHLOE
Made some lace TATTED
Maestro Toscanini ARTURO
Make headway GAIN
Massage reactions, perhaps AAHS
McCullough's ''The --- Birds'' THORN
Member of the Jetson's family ASTRO
Model's makeup? BALSA
More than twice TRINE
More verdant LUSHER
Musician's tapper TOE
Nod neighbor EDEN
Not a pretty fruit? UGLI
Not genuine IMITATION
Not him HER
Nymph of myth NAIAD
Occasions of fuss ADOS
Offered one's seat STOOD
Old fare on the air RERUN
One who orders "the usual," maybe BARFLY
Part of IV INTRA
Parthenon goddess ATHENA
Pastrami emporium DELI
Permeates moistly SEEPS
Place for the trapped INACORNER
Play a Stratocaster STRUM
Poker table request RECUT
Port of ancient Rome OSTIA
Potatoes au --- GRATIN
Prohibited activity NONO
Rankles IRKS
Ready for a commitment? INSANE
Rudolph's prominent feature NOSE
Samuel's judge ELI
Sellout sign SRO
Shaw of swing ARTIE
Shipshape NEAT
Sneaky-laugh sound HEH
Snookered OILED
Socially-emerging young woman DEB
Solfge syllables RES
Son of Seth ENOS
Squanders little by little FRITTERS
Sweater synthetic ORLON
Talk and talk and talk..... RAMBLEON
Top-of-the-line AONE
Translucent Apple IMAC
Two pounds, plus KILO
Type of argument ORAL
Type of float ROOTBEER
Vera's TV husband NORM
Was given no alternative HADTO
Wax eloquent ORATE
Wee workers ANTS
Where soldiers are made BOOTCAMPS
WKRP's Jennifer LONI
Word with bump or jump INTO
Word with buster or land GANG
Word with Wednesday or can ASH
Words after sit or look INON
Words that bond IDOS
Words to Brutus ETTU
World Series winners of 1908 CUBS
___ monde (society) HAUT
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