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noun - the basic unit of money on Malta

noun - the basic unit of money in Turkey

noun - formerly the basic unit of money in Italy


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
It's the monetary unit of Vatican City
Rearrange the letters of rial & you'll have the name of this European currency
As of July 1, 2002 this currency of Italy will be no more; that's when Europe switches to using Euros for everything
Malta's currency shares its name with this monetary unit of Italy
It takes about 1,300 of these to equal 1 dollar
The name of this Maltese currency comes from the Latin libra, meaning "pound"
Possible Dictionary Clues
the standard unit of money used in Italy before the introduction of the euro, and also used in Malta and Turkey
(until the introduction of the euro in 2002) the basic monetary unit of Italy, notionally equal to 100 centesimos.
See Table at currency.
The primary unit of currency in Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City before the adoption of the euro.
formerly the basic unit of money in Italy equal to 100 centesimi
the basic unit of money in Turkey
the basic unit of money on Malta equal to 100 cents
Geographic Matches
Lira, Ceara, BRAZIL
Lira, Ouaddai, CHAD
Lira, Niassa, MOZAMBIQUE
Lira, Galicia, SPAIN
Lira, Miranda, VENEZUELA
Lira, Huancavelica, PERU
Lira, (Region code: 47), UGANDA
Lira, Queretaro de Arteaga, MEXICO
Lira, Elbasan, ALBANIA
Lira description
Lira (plural lire) is the name of several currency units. It is the current currency of Turkey and also the local name of the currencies of Lebanon and Syria. It is the former currency of Italy, Malta, San Marino and the Vatican City, all of which were replaced in 2002 with the euro, and of Israel, which replaced it with the old shekel in 1980. The term originates from the value of a Troy pound (Latin libra) of high purity silver. The libra was the basis of the monetary system of the Roman Empire. When Europe resumed a monetary system, during the Carolingian Empire, the Roman system was adopted, the so-called £sd (librae, solidi, denarii).
* Particularly this system was kept during the Middle Ages and Modern Age in England, France, and Italy. In each of these countries the libra was translated into local language: pound in England, livre in France, lira in Italy. The Venetian lira was one of the currencies in use in Italy and due to the economic power of the Venetian Republic a popular c
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