How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 07 2019

''My country, 'tis of __'' thee
''Once __ a time . . .'' upon
''We want to hear more!'' tellus
Above over
Airline vehicle plane
Ancient stone-hurling device catapult
Angelic instruments harps
Annul undo
Aroma odor
Assist aid
Big roll of cash wad
Blanket from a blizzard snow
Boardroom VIP ceo
British knight's title sir
Buddhist sect zen
Busybody yenta
California wine valley napa
Carryall bag tote
Casual greeting ohhi
Central Florida city ocala
Cleans furniture with a rag dusts
Confiscate seize
Direction opposite NNE ssw
Divide evenly split
Drops in the mail sends
Feeling of hunger pang
Fire truck sound siren
Former Italian money lira
Fowls' perches roosts
Genesis garden eden
Golfer's peg tee
Handle adversity cope
Honolulu's locale oahu
Hurricane center eye
Imperil endanger
Jump leap
Littlest of dog litters runts
Lose one's footing slip
Magazine edition issue
Makes docile tames
Many Caribbean countries isles
Map out plan
Maple tree fluid sap
Motorcyclist's invitation hopon
Netlike fabric mesh
Noisy, as a small dog yappy
Not far from nearto
Nut for pies pecan
Once in a blue __ moon
Outclass completely runringsaround
Paid out spent
Pair of boxing blows onetwo
Pisa's leaner tower
Playground chute slide
Practice boxing spar
Recent USNA grad ens
Roof edge eave
Rush/be patient situation hurryupandwait
Sailor's greeting ahoy
Scatterbrained ditsy
Sci-fi being alien
Scissors sound snip
Scramble to meet a deadline raceagainsttime
Self-esteem ego
Sketched drew
Slyly spiteful catty
Smooths, as wood sands
Standard golf score par
Sudden attack raid
Take a big swallow gulp
Take a train or bus ride
Take by force wrest
Tease taunt
Top poker card ace
Western alliance: Abbr nato
Writer of rhymes poet
__ butter (lotion ingredient) shea
__ rata (proportionally) pro
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