How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 01 2019

'Beat it!' scat
'No Exit' dramatist Jean-Paul sartre
Acronym for a superstar goat
After-hours bail-granting site nightcourt
All worked up riled
Approved, in a way signed
As performed by ala
Assist wrongfully abet
Auto club service tow
Bait shop buy lure
Bent-knee greeting curtsy
Big name in combines deere
Bit of parlor art tattoo
Bit of progress step
Cab alternative uber
Cartesian 'therefore' ergo
Catches a few Z's dozes
Cattle farmer's expense feed
Chest muscle, briefly pec
Chisel or gouge tool
Circular opening? softc
City near Carson City reno
Cornell of Cornell University ezra
Cunning canines foxes
Cushiony seat sofa
Diane of 'Godfather' movies keaton
Door feature, often knob
Drew back, with 'away' shied
Dune makeup sand
Edge of a golf hole lip
Fed lines to cued
Flowed like sap oozed
Gin purchase liter
Had down cold knew
Hide in the shadows lurk
Hospital capacity beds
Improved, as cheese aged
Installs, as drapes hangs
Inuit word for 'house' igloo
Issued a gag order on silenced
Leftovers holder doggybag
Literary Jane eyre
Luau performance hula
Moe's two-finger assault poke
Mythical meanies ogres
One of 12 peers juror
Passing words, briefly obit
Pity-evoking quality pathos
Places an embargo on bans
Prepare for a trip pack
Proceed smoothly flow
Programmable worker robot
Readied for shipment boxed
Reason for an erasure error
Repel, with 'off' fend
Required courses core
Reverent feeling awe
Road to nowhere blindalley
Scavenging canine jackal
Sci-fi barrier forcefield
Serving of sole filet
Sleek, in auto lingo aero
Some vacation homes cottages
Stackable snack oreo
Stands up to defies
The whole shebang all
Three-letter sign leo
Toads-to-be tadpoles
Tramcar contents ore
Tree's annual addition growthring
Turkish coin lira
URL connection link
Venti and grande, at Starbucks sizes
Voice below soprano alto
Wall calendar line week
Word before noir or grigio pinot
Word in some good poker hands kind
Word on Dublin-minted euros eire
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