How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 28 2019

''Common Sense'' pamphleteer thomaspaine
''Despicable Me'' daughter margo
''Frozen'' princess elsa
''Game of Thrones'' airer hbo
''Hamilton'' antagonist burr
''It's a Wonderful Life'' director capra
''Kiss Me Kate'' misanthropist song ihatemen
''Smart'' guy aleck
''Star Trek'' antagonists romulans
''Yertle the Turtle'' author drseuss
About .035 ounces onegram
Absorb a 68 Down eatit
Activated, as a fuse armed
Ado fuss
Amenable open
Amuse highly slay
Another: Sp otro
Arabian royal title sheik
Archaeological sites digs
Audi competitor opel
Bags in a caddy teas
Ballet rail barre
Blackens on a grill chars
Boardroom VIPs ceos
Brit TV fare like ''Up Late'' chatshow
Camera lens setting fstop
Carefully selected choice
Certain committee leaders chairwomen
Chess player's declaration check
Choral leader choirmaster
Clearly explained fathomable
Cold-weather topper skihat
College admission criterion satscore
Commend loudly hail
Cook-off preparation chili
Covenants pacts
Cricket sound chirr
Curved roof of some churches semidome
Device above a dash cam
Device at a dairy churn
Doctrine ism
Early aheadoftime
Economist Greenspan alan
Editor's mark caret
Emulate the Pied Piper derat
Enrage rile
Enrages maddens
Exertion effort
Expressed that you're impressed aahed
Firefighter's implement axe
Flock noises baas
Forest creature stag
Fruit pulp flesh
Get promoted climb
Gladden greatly elate
Goes last closes
Goes last ends
Grumpy ones crabs
Harms severely maims
Hint to what the other nine longest answers have in common homestretch
Homes made of twigs nests
Hug or kiss, say greet
Hungarian wines tokays
In base 8 octal
Incandescent alternatives: Abbr cfls
Initial lessons abcs
It's south of Fort Worth waco
Javelin, e.g spear
Kept chilled onice
Land on Lake Victoria uganda
Land parcel measure acre
Line-__ veto item
Longfellow poem Pilgrim alden
Longtime Milwaukee brewer pabst
Lowers a lawn mows
Mag space seller adrep
Marines' battle cry oorah
McEntire of music reba
Meryl's ''. . . Madison County'' costar clint
Mineral in geodes agate
Mini-burgers sliders
Monetary setback loss
More skittish shier
Morning's end noon
Nautical ''Halt!'' avast
Nonspeaking role in ''Jaws'' theshark
Not oneself today ill
Obsessive hobbyist nerd
Olympian warmonger ares
One on parole excon
Onetime tyrant of 84 Down amin
Orbital periods years
Orient (towards) steer
Palermo's euro predecessor lira
Path passway
Person from Belgrade serb
Person learning lines actor
Pianist of the Marx Brothers chico
Poor report card dees
Portion out allot
Public policy experts wonks
Purchase for a nursery crib
Reacted to fear shivered
Recreation sport
Reheats warms
Rope securer knot
Schedule opening slot
Sean Lennon's mom ono
Senegal's capital dakar
Shaped like an eggplant ovoid
Shore scrounger beachcomber
Shore toy kite
Show the ropes to teach
Shows with livestock fairs
Sign-lettering aid stencil
Skyscraper girder ibar
Soak in the tub bathe
Soph-to-be frosh
Sore spot ache
Spa service manicure
Spiny houseplant aloe
Sports shrines hallsoffame
Start of a conformist maxim wheninrome
Still in contention alive
Stone of ''La La Land'' emma
Successful NBAers shotmakers
Thinker's thought idea
Thyme piece sprig
Ties up at a pier moors
Totaled ranto
Venerate adore
Viennese analyst freud
Vocal quality tone
What's happening at watering holes barscene
Wilhelm I's chancellor bismarck
Without assistance alone
Woodard of films alfre
Yalie eli
__-do-well neer
__.com (telecom company's website) att
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