How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 08 2015

"... need is a friend ___" INDEED
"If all ___ fails ..." ELSE
"Not guilty," e.g PLEA
"The Playboy of the Western World" author SYNGE
"___ all in this together" WERE
About half of all humans MALES
Admire amorously OGLE
Albatross, figuratively ONUS
Always used by a poet? EER
Arm bone ULNA
Beach toy PAIL
Beaks NEBS
Bearded brethren in buggies AMISH
Begins admitting customers OPENS
Big galoots LUGS
Big month for matrimony JUNE
Biscuitlike pastry SCONE
Cairo's river NILE
Clickable picture ICON
Cook's meas TBSP
Cremona artisan AMATI
Did something with USED
Dressy event GALA
Drop one's jaw GAPE
Dutch South African BOER
Farm sound BAA
Film critic Roger EBERT
Finch's home NEST
Fork over SHELLOUT
Forty square rods ROOD
Fuse box alternatives CIRCUITBREAKERS
Give, as blood DONATE
Gland in men PROSTATE
Go it alone SOLO
Have, as a fever RUN
Hindu misters BABUS
In ___ of (rather than) LIEU
Just manage (with "out") EKE
Kind of violin stroke UPBOW
Less common RARER
Like a $3 bill BOGUS
Loud, in music FORTE
Making 98 into 100 (with "up") ROUNDING
Mannerless chap BOOR
Massachusetts cape COD
Minding everyone else's business NOSY
Moving targets, of a sort SKEET
Muddy, as waters ROIL
Muscle malady ACHE
Olympic race RELAY
Painter Homer WINSLOW
Pear variety ANJOU
Popular garden plants CANTERBURYBELLS
Poverty district SLUM
Prefix with "low" EST
Rain forest parrot MACAW
Ringling or Warner abbr BROS
River to the Rio Grande PECOS
Sharpen, as one's skills HONE
Sheets on a shelf, collectively LINEN
Sheltered spot NOOK
Skid-mark sources TIRES
Small amount of liquid DRIB
Space out, in a way DAYDREAM
Spirited tune LILT
Suit material? TORT
Tale of Vikings, e.g SAGA
Talking back SASSY
Tree with cones PINE
Trials and tribulations WOE
Varied mixture OLIO
Weaver's machine LOOM
Went "gobble gobble"? ATE
What a password permits ENTRY
What's all relative? KIN
Wonderland drink TEA
Worsens over time FESTERS
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