How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 27 2001

". . . ___ good cheer" BEOF
"... debt of gratitude we ___ Adam" (Mark Twain) OWETO
"... lived happily ___ after" EVER
"Are you a man ___ mouse?" ORA
"Beg pardon ..." AHEM
"Cheers" actor George WENDT
"Get Shorty" actor DENNISFARINA
"Hop ___" (Dr. Seuss book) ONPOP
"I'm appalled!" ITSSHOCKING
"On Golden Pond" actor FONDA
"Rhoda" or "Joey," e.g. SPINOFF
"Star Trek" navigator SULU
"___ and Her Men" (Bergman film) ELENA
"___ say more?" NEEDI
''M*A*S*H'' setting KOREA
--- mater ALMA
24 hrs. ago YEST
4,840 square yards ONEACRE
About, formally speaking INRE
Accrue interest EARN
Ad --- HOC
Adler of Sherlock Holmes stories IRENE
Aitchbone locale RUMP
Alphabet book phrase ASIN
Anderson's "High ___" TOR
Antiques-store item RELIC
Apt dish for a team that's been shut out? GOOSEEGGFOOYUNG
Area and scatter RUGS
Auto pioneer Ferrari ENZO
Barbecue rod SPIT
Beautiful woman of paradise HOURI
Beckett's "Waiting For ___" GODOT
Before the present time ERST
Boo-boo ERROR
Born, on the society pages NEE
Branch headquarters? TREETOP
Breathe heavily PANT
Bridge maven Charles GOREN
Brief passing comments? OBIT
Bug someone, e.g. SPY
Bye at the French Open? ADIEU
Caesar's eight OCTO
Campbell suffix ITE
Chilean pianist Claudio ARRAU
Christmas tree circler, perhaps TRAINSET
City in Russia OMSK
Clued in about ONTO
Common conjunction THAN
Computer key ALT
Constellation near Scorpius ARA
Cuts corners, in a way SAWS
Defenders of the country PATRIOTS
Depilatory brand NAIR
Desired outcome INTENT
Did a smithy's job SHOD
Didn't rent OWNED
Dubbed NAMED
El Misti's place PERU
Energetic folks take them STAIRS
Exclamations of discovery OHOS
Fall back, as a tide EBB
Fall colors OCHERS
Famous Amos TORI
Fantastic review RAVE
Far-fetched TALL
Featherlike PINNATE
Filled out a personnel form APPLIED
Flamenco dancer, often SENORA
Flat fee RENT
Flirtatious overture PASS
Flo's comeback at Mel's Diner KISSMYGRITS
Former Israeli politico DAYAN
Former Philippine president Fidel RAMOS
Fountain treats for bigwigs? TOPBANANASPLITS
Gather from the fields REAP
Genera TYPES
Geological periods EONS
George Hamilton's trademark TAN
Got to the bottom of the barrel? RANLOW
Grandeur POMP
Ground cover DIRT
Haley opus ROOTS
Hardly straight ATILT
Harvard's theater group HASTYPUDDING
Hawaiian singing star DONHO
Head jobs? PERMS
Headland NESS
Hill builders ANTS
Hoffman and Streep, in a 1979 film KRAMERS
Honeycomb inhabitant BEE
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Ideally ATBEST
Imbibes, but delicately SIPS
Interpretive dance, e.g. ART
Is green around the gills AILS
Is pending AWAITS
It may be found on a farm BALE
It ranges from white to black SKINCOLOR
It's in your head IDEA
Jazz vocalist Vaughan SARAH
Kenny G's need REED
Kind of language BODY
Kind of market OPENAIR
Lay a floor TILE
Leaves for a break? TEA
Like fine wine AGED
Like some characters on "The Sopranos" KILLEDOFF
Like the Tower of Pisa ATILT
Like yesterday's news STALE
Long narrative poem EPOS
Loosen, as a shoe UNTIE
Madras garments SARIS
Magna ___ CARTA
Man's early years BOYHOOD
Manitoba's capital WINNIPEG
McCourt book (with "Ashes") ANGELAS
Milne bear POOH
Mischievous individual IMP
More timid SHYER
Ms. Lenya LOTTE
N.Y.C. area near the Village NOHO
New currency in the Old World EURO
Not mint USED
Not new USED
Not you, I or them NOONE
Old salt SEADOG
One of a semi's eighteen TIRE
Orange Muppet ZOE
Orange type VALENCIA
Oscar Wilde's "Libertatis Sacra ___" FAMES
Own up to ADMIT
Palindromic North American Indian OTO
Partners of cones RODS
Pastry for a Manhattanite? BIGAPPLESTRUDEL
Peck fractions QUARTS
Persona non ___ GRATA
Picador's target TORO
Pig ___ poke INA
Place for kings or queens DECK
Places humans evolve? UTERI
Places to stay INNS
Play hooky DITCH
Pocatello locale IDAHO
Positioned, as a tent SITED
Powdery mineral TALC
Presidential action VETO
Prospector's need PAN
Question starter, for Shakespeare DIDST
Quote an authority CITE
Rapscallions IMPS
Reddish equine ROAN
Related to the ear OTIC
Restorative resort SPA
Retained HELD
Romanian money LEU
Run quickly HARE
Sales clerk's minimum QUOTA
Secluded place NOOK
Seeks the office of RUNSFOR
Seethe BOIL
She wrote about Harry and Sally NORA
Shoulder wrap STOLE
Shrek, for one OGRE
Skirt shape HOOP
Sleep noisily SNORE
Small brigade? TOYSOLDIERS
Snack for a TV remote control user? COUCHPOTATOCHIP
Soccer great from Brazil PELE
Some House votes YEAS
Some lambs, someday EWES
Something to check HAT
Sound of the Northwest PUGET
Sporty Pontiac FIERO
Stagnates IDLES
State firmly AVER
Statements in a pack? LIES
Stored, as fodder ENSILED
Stork's delivery NEONATE
Summer pest GNAT
Sushi bar fishes EELS
Sweetened SUGARED
Take as one's right USURP
Take on a load LADE
The theme of this puzzle FOOD
Tips off WARNS
Treasure of Montezuma ORO
Treat with a crust PIE
Treat, as bottled water OXYGENATE
Tummy enzymes PEPSINS
TV's "Warrior Princess" XENA
Twelve dozen GROSS
Type of window REAR
Type of witness STAR
Uffizi Gallery attraction ARTE
Ugandan despot AMIN
Unbounded joy GLEE
Uncomplicated EASY
Unexciting SOSO
Unsettling EERIE
Untagged, in tag NOTIT
Up to the time of UNTIL
Vein contents ORE
Very inquisitive NOSY
Vessel in an alcove URN
Vicinities AREAS
Warbucks, to Annie DADDY
What I may mean ONE
Wks. and wks. YRS
Word in a Cyndi Lauper tune title FUN
Word with flash or sugar CUBE
Word with horn or filter AIR
Worthy of recommendation ADVISABLE
___ -la-la TRA
___ Bourguignonne BEEF
___ in turkey TAS
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