How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 23 2006

''... ___ of thee'' TIS
''Anna Karenina'' author TOLSTOY
''Breathe Again'' singer Braxton TONI
''Cheers'' character WOODY
''Comprende?'' SEE
''Don't be fuelish,'' for one PUN
''First Lady of Song'' Fitzgerald ELLA
''My Three Sons'' dog TRAMP
''Ocupado'' INUSE
''The Defense of Fort McHenry'' author KEY
''The Goodbye Girl'' girl MASON
''The Phantom Menace'' boy ANI
''Why, ___ be a pleasure!'' ITD
''You've Got a Friend ___'' INME
Abrades CHAFES
Anderson and Grier PAMS
Annual foursome SEASONS
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Associate with TIETO
Bach's ''____, Joy of Man's Desiring'' JESU
Big rig SEMI
Bit playfully, as a puppy NIPPEDAT
Bleak and cheerless DISMAL
Brazilian city, for short RIO
Brownstone feature STOOP
Burning result ASH
Campus org. for Colin Powell ROTC
Capital of Manche STLO
Circus attraction SIDESHOW
Classic TV mom Morgenstern IDA
Cocoon inhabitant PUPA
Concerning this, in legalese HEREOF
Degs. for some execs MBAS
Demagnetize, as a tape ERASE
Dessert choice, perhaps PECANPIE
Did 90 or 100, e.g. SPED
Did a thespian's job ACTED
Dirt used on a new homesite FILL
Easily maneuvered, as a yacht YARE
Egg shapes OVALS
Egyptian symbols of royalty ASPS
English philosopher John LOCKE
Fancy fabric LAME
Fashionable initials YSL
Finals taker TESTEE
First job, for many teenagers BABYSITTER
Fore or after attachment THERE
Former province of France BRITTANY
Frequently visited place HAUNT
Fugitive's flight LAM
Fury IRE
Future litigators' exams LSATS
Garment for Gaius TOGA
German leader Helmut KOHL
Harp and elephant SEALS
Having a high pH, e.g. BASIC
He's known for shouting ''Bam!'' EMERIL
Hero's sine qua non NERVESOFSTEEL
Ireland, in Ireland EIRE
It can show you the breaks XRAY
It connects circuits to a circuit board SOLDER
It has its pluses and minuses MATH
It may be blown TOP
It offers many stories SKYSCRAPER
Jocular Johnson ARTE
Kathmandu-to-Calcutta dir. SSE
Kilt pattern TARTAN
Kind of bay SICK
Kind of personality ONSCREEN
Latin I verb ERAT
Legal conclusion? ESE
Marienbad, for one SPA
Mathematical array MATRIX
Matty, Felipe, Jesus or Moises ALOU
Mona that just hangs around LISA
Mrs. Gandhi INDIRA
Nero's noon XII
Nickname for a baseball manager SKIP
Nickname of baseball's $252 million man AROD
Numbered compartment in a post office, briefly POB
Old hoops org. ABA
One responsible for keeping wackos off the air SCREENER
One who puts up points SCORER
Oscar-nominated Peter Fonda role ULEE
Pandemonium's lack ORDER
Part of an LP SIDEB
Partner of odds ENDS
Pay follower OLA
Peak sighter Zebulon PIKE
Pennsylvania city ERIE
Petroleum gp. OPEC
Phantasmagoric PIEINTHESKY
Pigskin's perch TEE
Place for a money order? ATM
Places found up the river? PRISONS
Poker player's dream ROYALFLUSH
Potentially explosive situations POWDERKEGS
Prefix meaning ''false'' PSEUDO
Presented, as a problem POSED
Promising, as one's future ROSY
Pyromaniac's crime ARSON
Radio format TALK
Raise one's hackles IRK
Raison d'___ ETRE
Rambouillet cry BAA
Refine, as ore SMELT
Runner Sebastian COE
Rush hour, to radio stations DRIVETIME
Salmagundi, e.g. OLIO
Same, along the Seine EGAL
Sean John, P. Diddy, or just plain Diddy COMBS
Senator of Watergate fame ERVIN
Shrewd or savvy ASTUTE
Small, arboreal, bushy-tailed monkeys SAKIS
Snigglers' wrigglers EELS
Some baseball stats ATBATS
Something to bend on a human EAR
Soprano's solo, sometimes ARIA
Southwestern flattops MESAS
Starbucks phrase AULAIT
Starchy tuber TARO
Started the bidding OPENED
Steam train sound SSS
Stereotypical snack for cops, informally DONUT
Styptic substance ALUM
System of principles CREDO
Takes under one's wing NURTURES
Tend to the batter, in a way STIR
The largest of a heavenly eight JUPITER
The thumb-sucking Van Pelt LINUS
Track tourney MEET
Translator, of sorts LIPREADER
Tricyclist, typically TYKE
Trifling PALTRY
Two-to-one, e.g. RATIO
Type of lab DNA
Type of miss NEAR
Type of salon for him and her UNISEX
Ukr., once SSR
Unannounced, as a quiz POP
Under, in the OR SEDATED
When a new day begins AFTERMIDNIGHT
Where studs hang EARLOBES
Whimper like a baby MEWL
With ''The,'' Jodie Foster film ACCUSED
Zaire's Mobutu Sese ___ SEKO
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