How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Oct 10 2015

'Black Swan' director Aronofsky DARREN
'Come one, come all' callers BARKERS
'My ___ True' (Elvis Costello album) AIMIS
'The Garden of Earthly Delights' setting PRADO
'Where no wood is, there the fire ___ out': Proverbs GOETH
'Yentl' star, familiarly BABS
'___ evil' SEENO
1977 co-star of Mark, Carrie and Harrison ALEC
1994 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee RODSTEWART
Abysmal BAD
Alleges AVERS
Almost eternity AEON
American worker PILOT
Annual report listing ASSETS
Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards in 2010 and 2012 BIEBER
Battles VIES
Bellwether sound BAA
Bellwether's belle EWE
Bird, until 1992 CELTIC
Bloomer and Earhart AMELIAS
Blue state BLAHS
Boxing match in which one is hit hard on the noggin? BRAINEDBOUT
Cavalier's mount STEED
Chapel exchange IDOS
Cherokee Strip city ENID
City divisions inhabited by tusked animals? BOARBLOCKS
Commanded BADE
Concerning INRE
Contemptuous cries BAHS
Convey TOTE
Corner pair STREETS
Crackers LOCO
Credit lines? ROLES
Depict deceptively BELIE
Did in SLEW
Does a TSA job SCREENS
Egyptian port SUEZ
Electrify ROUSE
Electronic sound from a hand dryer? BLOWERBLIP
Enthusiastically determined CANDO
Eye intently PEERAT
Fawning type DOE
Feels remorseful about RUES
First Oscar winner for a foreign-language part LOREN
Fish ladder locales DAMS
Fix, as a loose lace RETIE
Fountain setting, often PLAZA
Gala event FETE
Glittery piece of jewelry? BRIGHTBANGLE
Good, to Guillaume BON
Hambletonian pace TROT
Havana's ___ Castle MORRO
Heaps ALOT
Hector's brother PARIS
His native name was Tashunka Witko CRAZYHORSE
Insignificant TWOBIT
Is a fence for, say ABETS
It carries a small charge ION
Item for a fullback who thinks he's playing Quidditch? BLOCKERBROOM
Jack's friend in 'The Importance of Being Earnest' ALGERNON
Key in ENTER
Kind of capital SEED
Landscaper's concerns LAWNS
Language that gives us 'kielbasa' and 'babka' POLISH
Let out, say ALTER
Letter from the Corinthians RHO
Linen shades BEIGES
Lit ___ (humanities course) CRIT
London mayor Johnson BORIS
Louver parts SLATS
Madam's place BROTHEL
Many hour-long shows DRAMAS
Match grammatically AGREE
Medical support for a wide neck? BROADBRACE
Minnesota headquarters of Dairy Queen EDINA
Museum guide DOCENT
Myrmecologist's specimen ANT
National boundary guarded by cyborg technology? BIONICBORDER
National League Manager of the Year in 1983 and 1988 LASORDA
Nocturnal newborn OWLET
Not in the pink ILL
Not stay on topic RAMBLE
Not yet there ENROUTE
Old chestnut? NAG
Outmoded belt attachment BEEPER
Perp's prey, on cop shows VIC
Piece maker? ARMORER
Playoff passes BYES
Politely courteous CIVIL
Powdered acid used as an insecticide BORIC
Proactiv target ZITS
Proficient ABLE
Puddle-jumper AIRTAXI
Pull-up setting HIGHBAR
Radiant quality GLOW
Red root BEET
Rembrandt, e.g ETCHER
Result of dropping a dog toy? BONEBOUNCE
Result of some bargaining PLEA
Sand in one's bathing suit? BEACHBOTHER
Sectors AREAS
Setting for many schools OCEAN
Sharp mountain ridge ARETE
Side by side ABREAST
Silently listened to HEARDOUT
Singer Mary J BLIGE
Small singer WREN
Some charity ALMS
Some diner seating BOOTHS
Southwestern wolf LOBO
Spinning jump named for a Norwegian skater AXEL
Spy novelist Eric AMBLER
Stat for an ace ERA
Store with a slicer DELI
Suffer ___ worse than death AFATE
Superfluity GLUT
Support AID
Swings on a pivot SLUES
Tattoos, informally INK
They're felt on heads FEDORAS
Tony winner Rivera CHITA
Tool for a Zen garden RAKE
Transportation Dept. agency FAA
Treat for winter birds SUET
Victoria's Secret buy BRA
Walks on water? PIERS
Whale fat that could use some seasoning? BLANDBLUBBER
When Romeo spies Juliet ACTI
Where the Idaho Statesman is published BOISE
Wild party RAGER
Words with piece or sort OFA
Worry FRET
Yo-Yo strings CELLO
___ sportif (shooting sports in France) TIR
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