How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 06 2018

'All in favor' answer aye
'All opposed' answer nay
'Beats me' gesture shrug
'Poker Face' singer, familiarly gaga
'So that's your game!' oho
1962 novelty hit that starts 'I was working in the lab late one night' monstermash
Africa's second-longest river congo
Agreed to get marketing email, say optedin
Antique auto reo
Arrested ranin
Aussie predator dingo
Belt color tan
Candidate backer party
Carpet feature pile
Casaba or honeydew wintermelon
Cheeky pert
Cheering calls rahs
Chichen Itza's El Castillo, for one pyramid
City near Mount Vesuvius naples
City-state that won the Peloponnesian War sparta
Cloth scrap rag
Clumsy brute ape
Clutch item egg
Contented sound purr
Cursor's spot computermonitor
Emma's 'La La Land' role mia
Far from ruddy pasty
Flat-topped hills mesas
For each apop
For each per
Georgetown player hoya
Gobbled up ate
Grievance, informally beef
High stoned
In need of disinfecting germy
Infielder Ripken in Cooperstown cal
Invigorate pepup
It's read by the utility company watermeter
Lanchester of 'Witness for the Prosecution' elsa
Leaning for emphasis italic
Level in a hierarchy tier
Line on a check memo
Logo on some pizza boxes domino
Lots aheap
Makes illegal bans
Many a DeMille film epic
Notions ideas
Pay for cards ante
Picket line crosser scab
Plumber in Nintendo games mario
Politico's concern image
Possible sequence of events scenario
Power of movies tyrone
Radio studio sign onair
Respond to the alarm rise
River of Russia ural
Sch. in Cambridge mit
She debated Biden in 2008 palin
Silent approval nod
Skilled adept
Some Maine trappers lobstermen
Song from a soprano aria
Spoil mar
Startled sound gasp
State between S. Dak. and Kan neb
Sturdy trees oaks
That fellow him
Tool for taking a DNA sample swab
Trade swap
Treeless plains of South America pampas
Trucker's rig semi
Unearth digup
Vaguely sortof
Vessels for mead drinkers tankards
Voice between soprano and tenor alto
Women's rooms, in sultans' palaces harems
Word with energy or weight atomic
Word, in French mot
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