How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 04 2013

'Aloha Oe' accompaniment UKE
'Assault on ___' (1966 Sinatra movie) AQUEEN
'C'mon, help me out' BEAPAL
'No sense is so uncommon as common sense'? ADAGEOFREASON
'Our Gang' terrier PETE
'Way cool!' RAD
1958 hit for Ritchie Valens DONNA
2000 World Series MVP JETER
2007 Katharine McPhee song OVERIT
A question of method HOW
Acknowledge COPTO
Amtrak sched. notation ARR
Arctic explorer John RAE
Art's Magritte RENE
As is fitting APTLY
Barbershop offering TRIM
Battle of the Withlacoochee leader OSCEOLA
Be clingy when not traveling in space? ADHEREONEARTH
Black-and-white mammal ORCA
Blowup: Abbr ENL
Boxers, e.g UNDIES
Brand sold in gold ballotins GODIVA
Caligula's great-grandmother OCTAVIA
Call on SEE
Catcher Rodriguez IVAN
Cause-effect interval TIMELAG
Cel bodies? TOONS
Cello's cousin VIOL
Change smoothly MORPH
Cheapen DEBASE
Chrysler Building style DECO
Closefisted MEAN
Convene SIT
Converge MEET
Cowboys helmet feature STAR
Decorative case ETUI
Dior dress ALINE
Dirtbag CREEP
Do painstaking research DELVE
Doctor's interruption PAGE
Enjoying sustained success ONAROLL
Eon subdivision ERA
Eppie was his ward SILAS
Eton students BOYS
Expecting, in the circumstances DUEFOR
Family-expanding document? ADOPTIONCONTRACT
Female in a forest DOE
First person to travel faster than sound YEAGER
Folder drop-off spot INTRAY
Force feed? DONUT
Frank's second wife AVA
Freshly delivered? NEONATAL
Galley item OAR
Getaway setting for 53-Down AIRLINER
Guidance counselors? ADVICESQUAD
Hamilton portrait setting TEN
He often puts Lois in danger LEX
He pours beers for Homer, Carl and Lenny MOE
Home to kiwis and emus OCEANIA
Hook pursuer, for short CROC
Hyundai model ELANTRA
Ignore the 'Do Not Disturb' sign INTRUDE
Immobile INERT
Importunes PLEADS
In the thick of AMID
Indonesian province PAPUA
Influential bunch ELITE
Ingrediente del paella ARROZ
Iris relatives, for short GLADS
Island adornment LEI
It's ill-defined BLOB
Keats's 'gloom-bird' OWL
Lace's place SNEAKER
Len's 'Sweeney Todd' co-star ANGELA
Levels RAZES
Lighten up EASEOFF
Like belly laughs HEARTY
Like folk stories RETOLD
Like some slurs ETHNIC
London's ___ Garden COVENT
Major fall HEADER
Maker of a dramatic 1971 getaway DBCOOPER
Mike McCarthy, Mike Munchak or Mike Mularkey NFLCOACH
Nation east of Niger CHAD
Objective END
On its way SENT
One way to pay INCASH
Original host of 'This Old House' BOBVILA
Overalls section BIB
Owner of Purina and Perrier NESTLE
Pear-shaped fruit QUINCE
Pebbles's pop FRED
Piano pieces ETUDES
Pitbull offering RAP
Playlist player IPOD
Point : line :: line : ___ PLANE
Popular LOVED
Preceding periods EVES
Psyche division EGO
Put off DETER
Queen Dido's love AENEAS
Queens team METS
Rating a 10 on the Mohs scale HARDEST
Repair, in a way DARN
Repeated, an Iris Murdoch novel THESEA
Retype with the shift key down? ADJUSTINCASE
Reuben base RYE
Reverting command UNDO
Ruby in the movies DEE
Rumspringa participants AMISH
Savannah grazer ELAND
Shade akin to cyan AQUA
Shelter LEE
Skybox spots ARENAS
Small and mischievous ELFIN
Solder, e.g ALLOY
Some, in Sevilla UNOS
Spoils BOOTY
Starting ASOF
Strike leader? ONEPIN
Succulent species ALOEVERA
Team with the most BCS bowl appearances OSU
Tequila of reality TV TILA
That woman HER
The Cisco Kid's horse DIABLO
The Emerald City, in the Oz books? ADVENTURECAPITAL
Tied to the train tracks, e.g INPERIL
Tight spot BIND
Tooth point CUSP
Tracy's mother, in 'Hairspray' EDNA
Up to the job ABLE
Was inclined LEANT
Wi-Fi alternative ETHERNET
Yank in the Yucatan GRINGO
Yoga class need MAT
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