How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Jan 27 2008

"Burnt" color SIENNA
"Cease!" at sea AVAST
"Do ___ alarmed" NOTBE
"I've got it!" AHA
"Nay" sayers DENIERS
"Reply, pls." RSVP
"So ___ say" THEY
"___ no idea!" IHAD
A restaurant lady ALICE
Access add-on ORY
After that THEN
Amatory archer EROS
Another way of saying "Preyed-upon animals of the world, unite"? CASTOFFYOURJACKALS
Aromatic ointment NARD
B-52's home: abbr. AFB
Back-to-back Super Bowl champs of the 1990s BRONCOS
Ball in a basket YARN
Barely born ADAYOLD
Beeper calls PAGES
Bird lover's favorite song? ILOVEPARROTS
Bones, in anatomy OSSA
Boxing stats TKOS
Brouhaha ADO
Castle defense MOAT
Certain poet SONNETEER
Channel-___ SURF
Chest-beater APE
Clarke of Frankenstein MAE
Classic tune, "All ___" OFME
Clinton appointee Federico PENA
Color of le ciel BLEU
Comedic Dame EDNA
Conceal (a card) PALM
Country inside South Africa LESOTHO
Covered with creepers IVIED
Cut with a Toro MOW
Czar or shah DYNAST
Danger to divers EEL
Dillydally LAG
Drive away ALIENATE
Early evictee EVE
Electricity whiz TESLA
Element info: abbr. ATNOS
Emmett, to Marty, in Back to the Future DOC
Engrave on glass ETCH
Factory-inspecting org. OSHA
Favor doer, often PAL
First thing zoo employees learn at the reptile house? LETPYTHONSBEPYTHONS
Flipped out GONEMAD
Flower part SEPAL
Forbidden act NONO
Front of 007's car? ASTON
Gangbuster's first name ELIOT
Gelcap alternative TABLET
Gmail alternative AOL
Goofball TWIT
Grab bag OLIO
Gridiron unit YARD
Guitar great Paul LES
Gun-owners' org. NRA
Had wings, e.g. ATE
Heckler's missile EGG
High-intensity lights ARCLAMPS
Homer's tongue GREEK
ID for the IRS SSN
iMacs can play them CDS
Impulse URGE
Indian prince RAJA
Inits. of the 27th pres. WHT
Intro to gram ANA
Japanese verse HAIKU
Judge's issuance WRIT
King who adds other realms to his own, e.g. ANNEXER
Lash out at ASSAIL
Leafy houseplant COLEUS
Lensman Adams ANSEL
Life, in Lyon VIE
Like some cheese SEMISOFT
Liner site EYE
Looks lovingly at ADMIRES
Many a prayer PLEA
Mauna ___ KEA
Mil. category NCO
Milo of movies OSHEA
Modern storehouse DATABASE
Molding anew RESHAPING
Mosquito barriers NETS
Mrs. Munster LILY
Natural soother ALOE
Nile viper ASP
Not balmy SANE
Pack animal? RAT
Palindromic financier SOROS
Period of duty TOUR
Poet Doolittle HILDA
Rarely seen film about scaly anteaters? MARCHOFTHEPANGOLINS
Revealing pictures XRAYS
Sarcastic Spanish response, "Gracias ___" PORNADA
Sch. official SUPT
Shakespeare prince HAL
Shoot the breeze GAB
Shopping conveniences CARTS
Singer about 30 Down ARLO
Skin-care brand AVEENO
Small chicken BANTAM
Somewhat ABIT
South Park kid STAN
Spritelike ELFIN
Squad-car sounds SIRENS
Store sign, "___ Open" YESWERE
Student worker, perhaps PARTTIMER
Subatomic particle PION
Tale of a widow and her disappearing tin cans? THEGOATSANDMRSMUIR
Teasing talker BANTERER
Texas river PECOS
Thawed out DEFROSTED
The fifth element BORON
The Sundance Kid's girl and others ETTAS
They're between Gs and Bs ANOTES
Tokyo's island HONSHU
Topper or Kramer COSMO
Toy for a hunting pet that doesn't get enough exercise? FERRETSWHEEL
TV spokeslizard GECKO
Tylenol rival ALEVE
U-2 spy incident fig. DDE
Viscous stuff GOO
Went quickly SCOOTED
Whig-turned-Republican ABE
Whittles (down) PARES
Wild guesses STABS
Will-___-wisp OTHE
Word after amount DUE
Words on a seal's rГ©sumГ©? PLAYSWELLWITHOTTERS
Writer Harte BRET
___ of faith ALEAP
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